The Amazing Internet: Beyonce’ Addition

The Internet is the perfect medium where certain dreams come true and certain dreams combust in STINGY-CAPS LOCK-STAR-SPANGLED-GLORY.

To add context for those that don’t enjoy watching 22 men play with each other; during the Super Bowl halftime show there was a bit of controversy when Beyonce’ slipped during her performance.

If you give internet trolls enough time to come out from under their bridge, amazing things usually happen.

For those looking to relive the cheap thrills that only a Super Bowl Halftime show can offer mixed with utter Internet trolling, I present you: The Beyonce’ Bounce. Try not to choke on your hotdog Bob!





This video does prove that yes, certain people (Including myself) have too much time on their hands. Be sure to let me know what you think!

14 thoughts on “The Amazing Internet: Beyonce’ Addition

  1. Don’t start me! But I never would have seen it if it weren’t for you. And to add to the video, a Silver Lining Senior Cruise ad floated across the bottom. Perfect! Thank you, Tony!!!

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