Hate it or Love it, Everything is Sales

Guess what?

You heard it here first..

Well, to be fair – I actually have no flap-jackin’ idea if you did hear it here first and I don’t give a fart if i’m your friendly reminder!

Anywho – the big news is this: Everything in life is sales. Literally eve-ry-thing

Whether you want to land a hot new job, find the guy / gal of your dreams or impress all of your friendly frenemies, you need to understand that at the end of the day, everything in life is sales.

Want to learn more?


I made a short podcast (Under 15 mins) giving my best sales tips with my dude.

We’ve both been successful outside salesmen, and we want to help.

Be sure to comment, share and let me know what you think or tell me how I got it all wrong.



16 thoughts on “Hate it or Love it, Everything is Sales

    1. Good question – this is more of a discussion rather than me selling you something – however you wanna know what the fuck I’m selling right?

      I’m selling my observations.


  1. First of all, thanks for the like on my recent post.
    Second of all this was actually put in perspective for me at my new job (sales nonetheless).
    This topic is one of those things that you don’t truly think about until someone says it and you said it wonderfully! Thanks for the read/listen!

    Liked by 1 person

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