It’s OK to Feel Like Shit

Long before smiling faces, shiny new toys, witty emoji play and seemingly perfect lives became commonplace on your Facebook timeline, aka your convenient portal to the outside world– the Earth turned to a different beat that was softly playing in the stars.

You see, when the earth was young, three wise men met in a manger and shared a secret that has been buried behind a millennia’s worth of secrecy, smoke screens and illusions. This secret was about happiness and how to find it.

This secret is said to be so controversial that the thought of sharing it in public forces the secret holder burden the weight of the disbelieving masses – a heavy lift indeed.

With modern society’s bumper-sticker-mentality and my-life-is fucking-amazing-so-like-my-picture  social media craze, we all have forgotten a simple truth.

So I need to ask you something.  Are your nipples hard yet? Do you want me to get to the point? Do you want to know the secret.

Ok – I’ll tell ya – just promise me that you are sitting down when you are reading this.

The secret is this: It’s ok to feel like shit.

There I said it, and this time I want you to say it with me – it’s ok to feel like shit.

Doesn’t that feel good?

Yeah it does – high five.

Let’s say it again together one more time for old time’s sake – It’s ok to feel like shit.

Rock-n-roll baby – you did it – you’re in the club.

You see lately it seems that everyone on social media only shares the good-  the vacations, the it’s too-good-to-be-true moments- it’s as if social media has become everyone’s personal highlight real.

“Hey look at Johnny, he’s on another vacation again – his life must be great!”

“Hey look at Suzie sitting behind a Porsche – I didn’t realize she had all that money”

“Wow, what am I doing with my life – my vacations don’t seem nearly as fun and my car isn’t nearly as cool – I must be a piece of shit”

The problem is that far few people share the bad, the mundane, the stubbed-your-toe-on-dresser-drawer-mornings and I think this is causing a mass problem for mental health.

Social Media is causing people to constantly compare their life to other people instead of appreciating what they have so if you have a bad day and you see everyone else having an amazing day it can make you feel like you are second-rate. It’s as if the social media boat is leaving an accidental wake of unfulfillment in a no-wake zone.

What Johnny and Suzie aren’t sharing on social media is that Johnny is posting a photo from 5 years ago and Suzie is sitting in coworkers car – convenient details that are left behind on the cutting room floor.

With social media we all need to remember that we only see one side of the story and we never know the back – the world isn’t always what it seems especially when everyone has the ability to edit what they share with the world.

Simply put: The grass isn’t always greener on the otherside– grass is just….grass.

Trust me when I say this – it’s ok to feel like shit sometimes and zero people feel amazing 100% of the time. You need to train your mind to see past all the glitter and bright packaging and realize that people are just people and even the most inspiring people in the world have a bad day from time to time – they’re human.

Happiness comes from simply doing things that make you happy and developing a purpose in your life.

If you are lost and don’t know where to turn just focus on the activities that bring you joy – it’s that easy.

You don’t need the shiny new car to be happy, you don’t need the once-in-a-lifetime trip to feel like you are worth a damn – no it’s easier –  do the simple things that you like to do because the truth is if you are doing what you want to be doing you’re winning.

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s good to be happy for other people and if you kicked ass at something you should share it but remember the truth – for every good day someone has, they also have a bad day too.

Now go out into the world the and spread the message and the next time you are feeling down on yourself – know that it’s ok to feel like shit.

Please comment, share and let me know what you think. Write me a witty comment or tell me how I got it all wrong.

83 thoughts on “It’s OK to Feel Like Shit

  1. This is spot on – if you never felt like shit then how would you even know you were feeling awesome when you were feeling awesome? You’d just think awesome was normal. Which would be a bit shit…

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  2. Oh I love this and totally agree!

    To be basically content and accept all our feelings without labeling them as positive or negative is my philosophy. Some days are shitty!

    I recently posted a beautiful photo of morning sky … silver linings and all that. What I didn’t include on FB was that as I took photo I slipped in mud and landed on my butt. Not hurt since mud was like a pillow, but mud all over me!


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  3. These people always look great in their photos, and never age, and I can’t find one good pic of myself that I dare to share. They’re always eating something delicious at a trendy restaurant and find time to vacation in all four seasons. Their kids and spouse adore them. I sometimes feel like I’m back in high school, and that does make me feel like shit.

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  4. It’s not that simple, because one cannot just ignore their surroundings, it is biologically driven. Competition with both sexes, hence the materialistic lifestyle.

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  5. I really like the premise behind this. It’s something I know but ignore. I think I use social media deliberately to make me feel sad. Like when you used to listen to a sad song when you were broken hearted. I tend to use social media more when im feeling more disconnected. It’s human nature the comparison issue but I think its super important to remember “its ok to feel like shit”

    Thoroughly enjoyed the post.

    A x

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  6. Somehow I feel like everyone deep down knows that it is okay to feel like shit… but to be honest it feels the best when other people point it out straight to the point like this… It’s like… something every needs to hear. 🙂

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  7. On a separate note, I just want to say that my dad thanks you. He’s been gone for a while, but he was an expert in the universal use of the word shit – he could conjugate it; conjoin it; re-purpose it; and express all points on the verbal-emotional compass with this one simple four-letter, one-man-band of a word.

    Seeing S-H-I-T in your title brought Dad to mind.

    Incidentally, when I was in Grade One, I found it strange that this most common of all words was NOT in our Dick and Jane Reader. An oversite, I was sure, and so I rectified the omission. In ink.

    I got shit-canned into cleaning blackboard brushes for a week by that chicken-shit, Miss Kornelsen!

    So, when feeling shitty – or when you are paddleless up shit creek – just shittify your language and transcend into the shitosphere where a shitload of good feelings will fill your day. I shit you not.

    Excrete’em if ya gottem,

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  8. Well said Tony! I love how you write just as you would saying it. I couldn’t agree with you more. Social Media needs to have a reality check!!! Don’t get me wrong. I love social media. But ppl need to know the truth. Not just the fluffy bits. And also not post too much. Some ppl overkill with TMI. But that’s my opinion.

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  9. Good write. As my friend who survived Auschwitz Birchenau used to tell me when he shared one of his concentration camp stories… “When you walk in hell, walk fast or your toes will burn.” He often told me it was a common phrase in the camps. Hell was the camp where if you didn’t keep moving- working- then you were sent to the crematorium where literally, your toes would burn. I’ve written the phrase out on cards over the years, and passed it and the story on to those going through their own ‘hell’. In fact, I have a handful in my wallet right now. On the other side of the card is a number for a local crisis line. So, you’re right, it is okay to feel like shit, but even shit burns. So, keep walking…

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  10. Today is actually my birthday. My sister posted about it before me, and before actually calling me to wish me a happy day. Facebook can be a voyeurs way of keeping in touch without having to actually reach out and keep in touch. It gets phonier every year. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. I totally hear you on this one. Facebook is a huge driver of discontent — so much so that I’ve had to moderate my activity there. I used to wake up in the morning and scroll through Facebook. Then, I wondered why I was depressed. (Duh.) Now, I try to ground myself in daily life and engage with social media only sparingly.
    Anyway, nice blog. I look forward to reading your future posts.

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  12. thanks for hitting like on my post today…

    I like this post too. I was just talking to friends tonight about how we can’t expect to be happy all the time. For happiness to have meaning there has to be contrast, shades of light and dark.

    A friend recently wrote a long account of being bitten by a spider multiple times while driving and not being able to pull over due to the road. It was heartening that the account signified shit was happening but that she pulled through (though bearing many spider bites) and lived to tell the tale.

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  13. Tony, this is a great piece! I am with you One Hundred Percent (felt I had to write it out). I recently re-joined FB, and am so annoyed with the bombardment of ‘other people’s’ thoughts, photos, videos… and with a few exceptions, not an original thought or observation among them – It makes me feel like…
    – I like your work. Well done.

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  14. Hey! Thanks for the like on our recent post.
    I agree with you. I was once in a “communication” class run by one of those self-help, happiness-is-everything types. At one point he presented us with a happy smiley and a sad smiley and asked us which one we would rather meet. The correct answer was plainly the happy one, as an “a smile doesn’t cost anythibg, be positive and positivity will come to you” cliche. But I immediatelt said, “that depents a whole lot on what mood I’m in, buddy. Some days I can’t fucking stans happy people”.

    And it’s the same with culture I think. You always get the comment that the music you’re listening to (ours for instance) is so negative and depressing, but I would argue that affirming those sides of life is actuallg a great help in dealing with them.

    Anyway, all the best,
    Sam / atcn

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  15. I like your style. This blog post is SO true. I know someone who bragged about getting married on the beaches of Mexico. Her photos looked so lovely. And then she’d post pictures of gifts her new hubby gave her. They were divorced within 6 months. She never posted about the problems that they had and the fact that the police kicked her out of her own home for domestic violence!

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  16. I feel like shit that you have so many Likes and people who actually comment. My revenge is that I am going to use your phrase: “The kaleidoscope of bullshit otherwise known as the internet” in a post, and pretend I thought of it. ” Thx for the Like Tony!

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  17. Great post. It’s something I’ve been thinking about quite frequently lately. My friend and I were just talking the other day about how people present themselves on Facebook. While I am not on Facebook, I am on Instagram and I see patterns of people developing insecurity like this way too often. It’s something I’ve been trying to fight against lately; spending less time on social media, spending more honing my writing skills, listening to new music and exploring more in my faith.

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