Funny Quotes Overheard at a Backwoods Carnival

Hey Twinkle Toes, you might want to eat another corndog before you think about ringin’ my bell.

They said that demolition driver has seen more wrecks than the marriages on Maury.

Watch your step Cinderella… wouldn’t want you to scuff your glass slippers.

If smellin’ dollar bills straight from the bosom of America is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I think Berry’s been fillin’ them balloons up with sumthin’ other than hot air.

Hey muscle man, why don’t you put dem biceps to work?

I think I saw a whisker sticking out of the sausage… hide Mr. Smokey.

He got demoted from a rodeo clown, and that’s the lowest you can go.

That’s not a pig; that’s my wife!… or my uncle!

Dem clowns give me the creeps.

I heard there was a riot when the French Fry stand ran out of ketchup… no napkins either to mop up the blood.

My grandma can throw harder than you, and she’s got arthritis… and a full-time writin’ job.

Vegan? There’s a whole field of grass right here… Cows love it.

Them new monster trucks won’t start if the seatbelt ain’t on… cowards.

C’mon, be the big man in the small town… in the smaller carnival.

This game ain’t rigged; get back in the weight room.

Refund? Sorry, No Hablo English.

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  1. We were at the zoo once and overheard people talking about an animal with which they were unfamiliar. They debated for a bit (it was a lynx by the way) and the husband finally said, “I know what it is. That there’s a carnivore.” And they went about their day satisfied by the explanation.

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