3 Unusual Questions To Help You Discover Your Purpose

Ask and you shall receive.

Somewhere deep in the hall of questions, past the sleeping security guard, and tucked away under three-inch-thick bulletproof glass,  there lies a question that has haunted humanity since the beginning of time. 

What should I do with my life?

Seven words that can make empires rise and fall.

And here’s the truth.

I-have-no-fucking-idea what you should do with your life.

But I know someone who does.

It’s you.

If you’re feeling lost, perhaps the best way to discover your purpose is through questions.

Questions reveal insights that you intuitively know but have yet to unearth… That’s why you ask them.

And when the answers surface, they cause a ripple effect that can make more waves than pennies plopping into a wishing well.

It’s time to stop making the wishes and start riding the waves.

Read on to learn 3 unusual questions to help you discover your purpose.

What are you pretentious about?

Ahh, pretentiousness, the one quality we all love to hate – even the pacifists. Whether your collar is blue or white, everyone on this earth has something they’re a little snooty about. 

Something you look at and judge between bites of caviar-like the smug-bastard you are. 

 While usually, pretentiousness causes people to roll their eyes (and talk shit behind your back), pretentiousness gives us a golden nugget of insight.

It points to a deeper appreciation, the feeling that you can do (the activity) better than most, so you wear that smugness as a badge of pride.

Embrace the arrogance… it’s a beacon that points to things that you’re interested in or good at, which is a great launching point for finding your purpose.

After all, what you’re pretentious about is what you care about. 

What skills do you discredit?

This past year I launched my own company. Just said fuck-it and went for it. And perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned in my journey was that I discredited my skill set. I didn’t realize that I had expertise in areas I dismissed as common knowledge. 

 Mark my words:  The things that come naturally to you aren’t natural to most people. Don’t discredit what you know.

So how do you figure out what skills you discredit?

It takes standing outside of your bubble and getting hard objectivity to realize what you overlook. This process takes time, reflection, and consideration – hard things busy people don’t like doing.

A simpler, more immediate way is to ask yourself, what are the things people ask you for help with? 

Typically, they’re something you have a natural knack for, something that comes easy.

Follow the knack. It’s going to point in the direction of things you have a natural skill set in that you likely don’t fully appreciate the power of. 

In short: The skills you discredit are natural skills you can use on your journey to get a leg up on the competition. Take advantage of your gift.

What makes you Jealous? 

When you say the word jealous, it’s easy to think about a screaming ex-lover and see visions of trashy daytime TV. And it’s because jealousy gets a bad rap… to be fair; it’s not unfounded. 

Jealousy is an unflattering quality many of us try to suppress. We’re embarrassed by it, and we don’t like when it rears its ugly head. But it’s also a natural quality and a part of what makes us human. 

I think we need to reframe how we look at jealousy.

 Because perhaps what we’re jealous of shows us what we care about. 

A great question to ask is, what career are you jealous of? What makes you think, man, I wish I could do this for a living. 

Dare to look beyond the superficiality but focus on the activity. 

Specifically, what activities are you jealous that someone gets paid to do, day in and day out.

Whatever the answer is, embrace it.

Jealousy shows what you envy which points to the careers you may want to try out.

Who knew?

Bonus question: What activity do you like to do?

I believe that THIS is THE QUESTION to answer when discovering your purpose or career.

What activity do you like to do, and what jobs value that activity? (Ideally with money 😉)

If you’re struggling to answer this riddle, follow the FREE. 

What do you do in your FREE time? And what would you do for FREE?

Whatever that activity is, that is where you should look to build a path.

Most people who dread work simply don’t like the activity of what they’re doing. (and who can blame them?)

That’s why it’s so important to figure out what you like to do. Your professional career is a giant cog of your life. Make sure you’re spending that time doing something you enjoy. You’ll be happier that way.

Please like, comment, share, and tell me what you think. What are you pretentious about? What do you discredit? What are you jealous of? Please let me know in the comments.

36 thoughts on “3 Unusual Questions To Help You Discover Your Purpose

  1. I personally am most pretentious about photography however… I’ve come to learn that I am easily humbled and it’s rightly deserved. Loved this one tony! It made me think a lot about being a better person

      1. Great questions. Snooty about: film, TV, books, and history. Discredit: apparently I can see through over-thinking, perhaps because I’m so darned good at it! Jealous of: my time. It’s the most precious thing I have, so I guard it as such. For Free? Um, write? But wasn’t always the case. Only in the last few years. Also: planning, yoga, meditation, listen to friends, fishing, camping, answer questions like these!
        This was a great thought experiment. Thanks.

    1. I’m the same way. The beuaty is, if you know what you like, this is the best time in the history of the world to be a writer – everything online someone needs to write.

  2. Wow, this really hit me because I’m thinking about a career change here in my mid-thirties. I feel that your questions could help me sift through my brain and figure out what I actually want to be doing. Thank you! 💥

    1. thanks so much for commenting! – I totally can relate, I went through one myself recently. Again – at least to me, figure out the activity you like doing and look for careers where that activity is heavily used

  3. Love your perspective on this question we’ve all asked ourselves. Now I must sit and ruminate… You have a fantastic writing style and I really enjoy reading your posts!

  4. ‘Typically, the things I’m a little arrogant about are things I’m interested in or good at’…..hahahaha 👍well said!

    Another nugget: ‘The things that come naturally to you aren’t natural to most people. Don’t discredit what you know.’

    Both of the above I really can relate to…I used to think what I knew was common knowledge…or that if I could, others could easily learn it too…but I soon found out to my advantage that not all can….being the one eyed jack at my workplace gives me some leverage….but at same time, we need to be humble and share what we know and be curious enough to continue learning! I like to ‘fix’ things and solve problems! Have a great day and thanks for this post!

  5. Awesome stuff!! I’m proud to say I know what to do with my life, equipped with my creativity. I’ve always been jealous of DJs performing in front of massive Tomorrowland fans, and that propelled my interest in music production. Furthermore, I was jealous of Bernie Mac when he had sex with a busty white woman in “Soul Men”, and since then I’ve been dreaming of being in comedy entertainment…but now it’s not for the sex. I’m doing my best right now to start preparing foundations for my dreams. It’s been one roseless venture after another, but I’m confident in myself. Your article reminded me of some ways I discovered myself, and I thank you for it.

  6. One of the best article I have read in a long long time. I loved the concept of Free. Makes it some much easy.

  7. What a thought provoking post. I appreciate it because I’m now at a point in my life where I’m unemployed, in the process of moving (in Wisconsin, where we are living in our camper until we find the right house to buy-oh, and sell our home in Colorado), and ready for something brand new to do for a living. I want to use the skills I know I have but also be self-employed or maybe a contractor? I just want to be autonomous. Make my own schedule. Do it on my terms. I think answering these questions may help me. Thank you for posing them!

  8. I’m jealous of people; who from childhood, have said “I’m going to be a —- when I grow up.” I don’t remember having such visions or dreams. Thanks for this article.

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