Five Positives From The Browns Dismantling of Cincinnati

In a city where it’s easy to focus on the negative, today, we’re allowed to be positive.

Embrace the win with these five reasons to smile.

A Damn Good Defense:

Picture this: just a year ago, our defense had more holes than a free boat but oh, how the times have changed! Enter Jim Schwartz, our new, fiery defensive coordinator. The Browns’ defense now looks, dare I say it, competent, scary even. Our defensive line is a powerhouse, led by the indomitable Miles Garrett, who’s now got his perfect beer-to-pizza compliment, Za’Darius Smith. Our linebackers are swarming to the ball like kids at recess and our secondary? Well, they made Cincinnati’s elite wide receivers look like bench warmers. Simply put: We applied so much pressure that Joe Burrow was sweating even in the rain.

Nick Chubb’s Consistency:

In moments when the offense seemed stuck in a never-ending third-and-seven loop, Nick Chubb emerged as our first-down-fist-bump. Every time he touched the ball, the entire stadium held its breath, knowing that a game-changing run was just one cut away. Despite Cincinnati stacking the box against him, Chubb managed to rack up 106 yards. Bottom line: If you thought he was good today, just wait until our passing game catches up!

Dawand Jones:

Historically, when people write about the offensive line, it’s usually not about O-line pride; it’s about a blown block.  But when rookie Dawand Jones stepped in due to Conklin’s injury, the silence about him was golden. At 6’8″ and 375 pounds, with the best O-line coach in the league, he’s got a bright future that could shine even on a gloomy-ass Cleveland day.

Dustin Hopkins:

Wait, what’s this strange sensation? Confidence in our kicker? Is this what love feels like? Dustin Hopkins was flawless, going a perfect 3/3 from the field, and he did it on a damn dreary Cleveland day. Talk about making a Phil-Dawson-like first impression. Maybe, just maybe, we can stop nervously peeking through our fingers every time the kicker steps onto the field.

Deshaun’s Swagger Starting to Return:

The offense may have had more ups and downs than a broken-down elevator,  and the passing game was, um… lacking, but Deshaun Watson showed glimpses of his old, electrifying self, and boy, did it feel good! He’s like Austin Powers – an international superstar who’s in need of his mojo.  But after what I saw today, I think it’s on the way. Whether gaining first downs with his feet or tossing a touchdown in the pouring rain, Deshaun is learning to trust himself once more.

What’s encouraging is he looks like he’s having fun out there. He’s got a smile across his face and looks like he’s enjoying the moment. Which to me, is a damn-good sign that good things are on the horizon.  He’s got a ton of work to do, and he needs to hit his receivers. (Especially the ones on my fantasy) but I’m taking the positive road and blaming his shortcomings on the weather. Hell, even Joe Burrow played bad.


The bottom line:

America loves a redemption story. So #4, keep that smile on your face, trust in yourself, because you’ve got this!

So there you have it, folks, five reasons to cheer, laugh, and throw confetti in the air. We weren’t perfect, but we were one thing: winners.








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5 thoughts on “Five Positives From The Browns Dismantling of Cincinnati

  1. As a young kid I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the Cleveland Browns back in the days of Marion Motley an African American football legend. In nine seasons as a professional fullback, Motley gained 4,720 yards on 828 carries for an astounding 5.7 yards per carry average. He was the first African American elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1968 and in 1994 was honored on the NFL’s 75th Anniversary All-Time Team. And Lou “the Toe” Groza. Louis Roy Groza, nicknamed “the Toe”, was an American professional football offensive tackle and kicker while playing his entire career for the Cleveland Browns in the All-America Football Conference and National Football League. Those images are still in the recesses of my brain, amazing, eh?

      1. And Lou was the big man with the funny shoe for a foot deformity? Held the record for field goal distance for some long time? Ah. Them was the Days. Remember Hopalong Cassidy? Watched on an old style B&W. He was Browns and Lions, no? The goofs playing now make me appreciate more the likes of Broadway Joe and Csonka even Bradshaw and Staubuck.

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