About Tony’s Bologna

So I was thinking, you may be wondering…

“Who the hell is Tony and what is this bologna he speaks of?”

Good question.

The secret’s out – I’m Tony and this is my blog Tony’s Bologna.

So before we get any further, I want to sincerely thank you for stopping by!

You can’t see me but trust me – I’m happier than a cookie who escaped fat camp
that you’re here.

Now that’s happy.

I started this website a couple of years ago simply as a way to express myself in a medium that I liked – writing !

For one reason or another I kept writing – you see I really like words – they make you think and I don’t claim to be no Harry Houdini but when you weave together the perfect sentence – magic happens.

I focus on two topics: satire and personal development.

I try to share advice that I think is useful and poke fun at the doldrums of reality.

All in all most people follow me for my honest humor and my I-don’t-believe-in-taking-the-crust-off-the-bread personality.Β 

So now that we’ve spent the past 10 seconds together I only have one request.

Simply read, laugh and enjoy!

If you’re feeling particularly brave, leave a comment – I’ll respond.

Thanks again for stopping by and most importantly have a kickass day.

– Tony



***PS everything on this site is meant to be some form of satire***- Just sayin’

409 thoughts on “About Tony’s Bologna

  1. I wonder, Tony….if you were a deli attendant in a former professional capacity…if you were, so was I….two grocery stores ,and a sub shop for me,and that’s no bologna….and his name wasn’t “Oscar”……His name was …either….”Order up” or ….”LUNCH”!!!!

    And people call you a maroon…. just wait…I can serve it up….I guarantee,great “customer service” ,with any kind of condiment that compliments the cheesy slices of humor….and I can garnish it with a nice little bit of “sage “advice…”Step away from the “hot sauce” ,that stuff will burn ya…..

    see if you can read the fine print on THAT menu…..and don’t forget to graciously “tip” your “server”…

    I look forward to your reply to my comment I have fastidiously put in your “suggestion box!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog….and ,Tony ….”Tag,you’re IT”!


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    1. Terrelyn that was fantastic!! I don’t know if I can top that – but I can spread your blog to my followers similar to how I can spread mustard on a sandwich… You’ve got the stuff – nice to meet you!

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      1. That’s the way it goes in the “service industry,Tony! Just remember ,I was a Professional…..I have a few stories to tell ,believe me…. regarding my tenure in the service industry…..and it’s a collective experience …. I didn’t stay at a job long enough to grow stale ,or be chucked for being past my expiration date.

        I think of my thoughts as like I was in the deli…the older thoughts had to be used up first…to make sure there wasn’t bad stuff snuck in ……I will dispense, just for your edification , a few of my experiences…..be careful …. you will exercise your “core muscles”…so without further ado…..let me get “to work”….. and Tony ….you have MY initials?

        are we “re-lated”…lol

        you’re IT…


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  2. Love the name of your blog and the photo! Reminds me of my dad’s favorite meal he made for us when mom was gone…a grab plate!
    Hey thanks for reading Nellie Mae Rowe Where Did You Go? and thanks for supporting the effort with a like. It nice to get feedback.

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  3. Tony – Thanks so much for the “like”! I’ve gone all Sally Field about it.

    When I saw the title “Tony’s Bologna”, I knew there were several ways this could play out, so I asked everyone under 18 to leave the room. But no. Nonetheless, I look forward to exploring it. Really.

    David Roddis

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      1. Hey Tony, thanks for the heads up – speed-dialing my international team of copyright lawyers. TIP: Try not to answer the front door to anyone called “Vinnie” who claims to be delivering a “concrete overcoat from GAP”. Those legal boys can get a little – you know. Over-enthusiastic. πŸ˜‰

        Glad to connect.


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  4. Thanks for reading my A Dogs Life blog! I zeroed in on your Gas Station Coffee post and MAN, very good. (Had to confess my conflicted spirit (gas station/7-Eleven/ Starbucks) over coffee. BUT as a guy who drank Navy MUD for 25 years, I probably can get a pass….

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  5. Ok you are funny!! I love the coffee shop blog (I have more of your posts to read, as I just discovered you) but thank you for the laughs– humour is the best way to look at life!!! going to follow you!

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    1. So much outside of the box! I simply looooooove this! πŸ‘πŸ»

      Keep being you, keep on doing you and I’m sure life will smile at you (and I wholeheartedly hope that it already is).

      I love the fact that satire and self-development found a common home, here with you, Tony! I am an advocate for the latter, mostly, but God, do I enjoy a good laughter! 😁

      I’m already looking forward to your posts (and that doesn’t happen too often πŸ˜‚). I’m really happy I started following you. ☺

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  6. Hello, Tony –

    I am glad to see that you have developed a nice flow of energy which you can channel in a positive manner. You understand that true joy can be gained from giving, and I hope that you also know that sometimes giving too much or appealing to everyone can be draining. I am sure you are probably aware of this and that finding a healthy balance is key.

    I’d say that you understand that you are more aware than others, because you are. I’ve experienced the best way to give this awareness and advice is probably through expressing how you have come realize what you believe through demonstrating your life in honest reflection.

    “I have found that the expression of my life, sincerely, generally allows the reader to connect with me. The connection is built and held from being genuine, from which I can then say what I believe and why I hold these beliefs. I open up, they enjoy it, and are more trusting to what I have to say from my heart. Beginning posts with these personal stories or events becomes enjoyable to read for myself, which is a good sign that others will agree. The flow from this start to the end point (what I hope others will come to also believe because it will probably help them experience more joy), feels more natural and is more influential.”


    “Start posts with vulnerability so readers might change their beliefs for the better.”

    You have a distinct voice which is very appealing through your humor, honesty, and perspective. Let us know a little more about that (you)!

    Best of luck!

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      1. In general, I would like to know how you come to some insightful conclusions which you reveal and post about. For example, in your “Don’t Follow Your Passion” post, you say that you couldn’t find your passion and that you could better follow your energy. Perfect! That’s a wonderful way to live a fulfilling life.

        Everyone can relate – but the ball is in your court with your posts. Let us know the process of you trying to find your passion. Let us know the process of realizing that it’s actually energy which feels best to follow. Then, let us know your energy that you follow!

        Chances are, many people will realize that the processes you demonstrate makes a lot of sense and are very worth noting and even practicing. What people (myself included) enjoy, is the resonation of another’s life and the resonation of what makes sense. Specifically, the natural and truthful aspects of it. To change ourselves we must gain motivation – and part of that motivation is gained through realizing that our lives are not so different than others. That we, too, can change.


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      2. Kaleb –

        Thanks again for commenting – I’ll try to be as thoughtful as possible.

        Essentially I figure I’m lucky, both of my parents are older so I’ve been blessed growing up in an environment where I’ve learned from people that have a lifetime of experience.

        That said, I’ve always wondered what I was passionate about because I have many interests – and I found myself being stuck trying to answer that question.

        So I was very frustrated for a very long time until I decided to think of “what’s my passion in a different light”

        I decided if I only focused on things that bring me energy // things I do that make me excited // proud that was where I should look.

        So when I filter “what’s my passion” in the “what brings me energy” filter I come to find that I’m passionate about creating things / be it with my hands // words.

        I’m also passionate about helping people // doing outdoor activities.

        Writing brings me joy, as does learning .

        I hope this helps!

        – Tony

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  7. You need to post more often…
    I think your work is very good.
    I’m sure you would find your audience agrees.
    Forrest Pasky


      1. I was going through your published stuff and it seems you do put a lot effort in your work & focus on even minute details. Hope I will be able to do that one day too since I’ve just started. Fingers crossed. Keep growing , friend πŸ™‚

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      2. “The devil is in the details” Thank you so much – just keep writing and when you’re ready – shoot an editor an email to whomever you want to write for.

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  8. Usual disclaimer, thanks for the like etc. Satire is a rare commodity, it does not get understood or ‘got’ by many. keep up the sardonic outlook. Nothing like a wry smile and an eye roll to make a day.

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  9. Hey Tony! So happy you enjoyed my blog . Your blog is hilarious! Ironically, our Book Club meets this week and we are discussing The Jungle — all about meat and the Chicago stockyards and their abuses of workers and animals before Teddy Roosevelt formed the Food & Drug Administration. Reading it makes me want to be a vegetarian. But then you offer up your Tony Bologna fare and make me laugh…a relief after reading that dark novel. Humor is meat for living!

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  10. I read until my eyes are bleary! Amazingly, they aren’t all alike. After my eyes just about closed down on me, I decided that one I read somewhere in here is you.
    I think it was humor and honesty though I couldn’t remember the second one. Seriously, I think you’ve found the correct spot! Furthermore, I really appreciate the fact that you have been ‘liking’ what I have been posting. I’m mid way into my fourth book so my poems are short right now. I’ll try to spruce it up for you. Come by anytime!

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  11. Have written a haiku in response to your ‘Embrace’ post, with the title’ Embrace: A Savvy Haiku’. Do look it up and enjoy the hug!

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  12. Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog and clicking ‘like’ on my recent post.

    I always visit the ones who visited me, and boy oh boy was I happy to see “Tonys Bologna”!! You crack me up! Of course, I must follow you now because I love your sense of humour.

    Keep up the greatness! πŸ˜€

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