About Tony’s Bologna

So what the Hell is Tony’s Bologna?

Good question.

I started this website a couple of years ago simply as a way to express myself in a medium that I liked – writing –  duh!

I never thought that this would be popular or people would give a damn what I thought but I have been surprised and humbled by my thousands of worldwide readers and I appreciate everyone one of you.

Since starting this website it gave me the opportunity freelance for a few publications, hold down a few writing jobs and opened doors I never knew existed.

So what in the Hell do I write about?

Honestly I write about the bologna that I have floating around in my head – but usually it’s in the form of life advice I give to myself or small things that I like to be snarky with. Most people compliment me for my honest humor – so there’s that.

What do I want you to do?

Simply read, laugh and enjoy.

If you’re feeling particularly brave leave a comment.

355 thoughts on “About Tony’s Bologna

  1. I wonder, Tony….if you were a deli attendant in a former professional capacity…if you were, so was I….two grocery stores ,and a sub shop for me,and that’s no bologna….and his name wasn’t “Oscar”……His name was …either….”Order up” or ….”LUNCH”!!!!

    And people call you a maroon…. just wait…I can serve it up….I guarantee,great “customer service” ,with any kind of condiment that compliments the cheesy slices of humor….and I can garnish it with a nice little bit of “sage “advice…”Step away from the “hot sauce” ,that stuff will burn ya…..

    see if you can read the fine print on THAT menu…..and don’t forget to graciously “tip” your “server”…

    I look forward to your reply to my comment I have fastidiously put in your “suggestion box!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog….and ,Tony ….”Tag,you’re IT”!


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    1. Terrelyn that was fantastic!! I don’t know if I can top that – but I can spread your blog to my followers similar to how I can spread mustard on a sandwich… You’ve got the stuff – nice to meet you!

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      1. That’s the way it goes in the “service industry,Tony! Just remember ,I was a Professional…..I have a few stories to tell ,believe me…. regarding my tenure in the service industry…..and it’s a collective experience …. I didn’t stay at a job long enough to grow stale ,or be chucked for being past my expiration date.

        I think of my thoughts as like I was in the deli…the older thoughts had to be used up first…to make sure there wasn’t bad stuff snuck in ……I will dispense, just for your edification , a few of my experiences…..be careful …. you will exercise your “core muscles”…so without further ado…..let me get “to work”….. and Tony ….you have MY initials?

        are we “re-lated”…lol

        you’re IT…


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  2. Love the name of your blog and the photo! Reminds me of my dad’s favorite meal he made for us when mom was gone…a grab plate!
    Hey thanks for reading Nellie Mae Rowe Where Did You Go? and thanks for supporting the effort with a like. It nice to get feedback.

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  3. Tony – Thanks so much for the “like”! I’ve gone all Sally Field about it.

    When I saw the title “Tony’s Bologna”, I knew there were several ways this could play out, so I asked everyone under 18 to leave the room. But no. Nonetheless, I look forward to exploring it. Really.

    David Roddis

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      1. Hey Tony, thanks for the heads up – speed-dialing my international team of copyright lawyers. TIP: Try not to answer the front door to anyone called “Vinnie” who claims to be delivering a “concrete overcoat from GAP”. Those legal boys can get a little – you know. Over-enthusiastic. 😉

        Glad to connect.


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  4. Thanks for reading my A Dogs Life blog! I zeroed in on your Gas Station Coffee post and MAN, very good. (Had to confess my conflicted spirit (gas station/7-Eleven/ Starbucks) over coffee. BUT as a guy who drank Navy MUD for 25 years, I probably can get a pass….

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  5. Ok you are funny!! I love the coffee shop blog (I have more of your posts to read, as I just discovered you) but thank you for the laughs– humour is the best way to look at life!!! going to follow you!

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