About Tony’s Bologna

 You may be wondering…

“Who the hell is Tony and what is this bologna he speaks of?”

Good question.

The secret’s out – I’m Tony and this is my blog Tony’s Bologna.

So before we get any further, I want to sincerely thank you for stopping by!

You can’t see me but trust me – I’m happier than a cookie who escaped fat camp
that you’re here.

Now that’s happy.

I started this website a couple of years ago simply as a way to express myself in a medium that I liked – writing !

For one reason or another I kept writing – you see I really like words – they make you think and I don’t claim to be no Harry Houdini but when you weave together the perfect sentence – magic happens.

I focus on two topics: satire and personal development.

I try to share advice that I think is useful and poke fun at the doldrums of reality.

All in all most people follow me for my honest humor and my I-don’t-believe-in-taking-the-crust-off-the-bread personality. 

So now that we’ve spent the past 10 seconds together I only have one request.

Simply read, laugh and enjoy!

If you’re feeling particularly brave, leave a comment – I’ll respond.

– Tony


439 thoughts on “About Tony’s Bologna

  1. Hi, love your perspective. I’m trying to get a post series started on my blog, something along the lines of getting to know other bloggers/writers over the internet and documenting the process. An experiment about optimizing the personal connections you can form over the internet, and the things you can learn from others views. If this is something you would be interested in, let me know! Thank you


  2. Some how I found my way here from the atozchallenge, however it doesn’t appear that you took that challenge. Question #1 Why not? I like the way you think and everyone needs some honest, satirical, observations. I think so anyways. Question #2 … how do you find time to respond to every single comment? I spent the whole month reading and commenting on other blogs, now I have to spend the next month going back to respond to everyone so they don’t think I’m a snob. I’m really not. Anyhoot, I just wanted to comment to see if you really do respond. Ha ha.
    Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by! So I actually don’t know what the AtoZchalkange is but I’d like to find out.

      I try to respond to comments like once a day! I know as a writer it makes me happy when someone takes the time to read my work and comment so I try to return the favor.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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