If You Want to Be Rich, This Is the Only Question You Need to Answer


Like you, I want to be rich.

To never have to worry about money.

To have true freedom. With my money. With my time. With my life.

And while I’m not bathing in gold coins or diving into pools filled with Jello…yet,  I have discovered a truth that has helped me increase my income year over year after I started my own business.

If you want to be rich, you must help people.

What Business actually means

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Help people? Is being a glorified guidance counselor the secret to becoming Scrooge McDuck?” Well, it’s not just any ol’help,  it’s the kind that solves problems and makes you a pretty penny along the way. The kind of help businesses offer. Because what’s a business anyway? It’s not some gray, lifeless building with suits starched with strictness; at its core, all business is helping people solve their problems for a profit. That’s it. It’s that annoyingly simple.

It all boils down to problems

Consider this: almost everything you spend your hard-earned cash on is solving a problem. You buy a candy bar – voila, your 2 o’clock hunger crisis averted. You get yourself a Netflix account – boredom problem solved. And how about those fancy clothes? Not just a fashion statement; they’re a boost of self-esteem packaged in fabric. Business is just a fancy word for problem-solving. Nothing more, nothing less.

 So, get in the habit of looking at business as a grand puzzle-solving game. Because when you do, it’ll help you unravel the only question that matters when starting a business: What problem can you solve?

And when you start solving problems, you unlock the path to riches

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  1. This is so insightful! Plus it will push oneself to cater to the customer’s needs in a better way by increasing accountability. That’s the prominent quality amongst those that flourish longer with wider customer base.

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