Top Five Overused Phrases On Social Media Part 2

The Empire is indeed striking back. We’re blood thirsty and unfortunately for you, I’m not seeing any Red Crosses in sight !

It’s time for part 2 of the ever popular Top Five Overused Phrases On Social Media. Tears will be shed, lips will curl, friendships will be won or lost and you might find yourself spitting up a hotdog. Well – probably not – But I like to imagine that you do!  Any who, without further adieu, please enjoy the top 5 overused phrases on social media part 2.


“I don’t know how I got so lucky”

I don’t know either. Do I credit your luck to your collection of rabbit’s feet? Perhaps you grow a garden of four leaf clovers?  Hell, maybe you even sniff Lady luck’s underpants in your free time YOU PERVERT. The greatest mystery in the world is how did you get so lucky? The world may never know.



Nooooo! Say it with me; noooo!

“Because” (In reference to the starting word on a caption of a photo)

Because starting a caption with “Because” is completely unnecessary.

“That moment when”

That moment when you read this on social media and your eyes start to roll into the back of your head. Holy shit, your eyes rolled into the back of your head…you’re having a stroke! You are immediately rushed into a hospital where as fate has it, you meet a nurse named Tammy; you like Tammy. She has brown hair, subtle perfume and the wit of a cracker jack. You fall madly in love with each other and elope to the mountains of Transylvania where you both become vampires and terrorize the villagers. What a great moment, what a great memory.

“Sometimes you gotta”

Sometimes you gotta write an article about the top five overused phrases on social media.

Seriously – you just gotta!

***Please know that this piece is intended for satire. I have personally used each and every one of these phrases and I’m essentially making fun of myself*** Please feel free to comment, share and tell me what your top overused phrases on social media are. Make me laugh, make me cry, and tell me how I got it all wrong.

53 thoughts on “Top Five Overused Phrases On Social Media Part 2

  1. there was that moment when… i saw the title of your post and hard to read it

    where the hell is, ” it was a dark and stormy night.” it has to be their, doesn’t it? 😉 i mean it starts so many tawdry books.

  2. Other than following a few smart bloggers….wait for it….I’m not on social media (gasp!) I don’t tweet, post or snap inane moments of my life for others to “like”. Which is why I especially love this post 😊

    1. lol? “It is overused,” I thought, and, “why?” I asked myself.

      “Because the people have no alternative,” I postulated.

      So I suggested, “snot bubbles” as a replacement.

      People replied: lol

  3. I love YAAAASSSS! It means so much and is even on my recents list when I start typing “YA” lol
    My other overused one is “key/major key”. I love my DJ Khalid References 👍🏼

  4. Ah, come on, now–I like “that moment when…” or its counterpart, the simplified “when…” Sometimes you just have to be in the overused moment. Like “when your cat goes outside even though cats belong inside, and a semi hits it, and now it’s two-dimensional, and all is right in the world because cats suck” and then you post a pic below. It’s a nice way of dating your post to 2017. My son’s current pet peeve is “same” as a response, e.g. “That test was so long, I thought I was gonna die.” “Same!”

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