What I’m Voting For

Allow me to rant?

I believe America is the greatest country in the world. Why? Is it the fast food? The crowded water parks? A man jumping the Grand Canyon? No.  America is great because we give power to the people. (In theory) And I’d like to use my power to make a change through vote.

This is what I’m voting for:                

I’m voting for the little gas stations across the nation to start stocking up on double-ply toilet paper and remove that cheap cardboard catastrophe they pawn off on us in the stall. Sure, recycling is great… but at what cost?

I’m voting for married wives to ease up on their criticism of their husbands’ tone. These men signed up to be married, not to sing in a musical.

I’m voting for gas stations to stop requiring a key to use the bathroom. We all know the attendants are drunk with power judging us to see if we’re worthy or not to sit on their precious throne. Newsflash, It’s a bathroom on route 86, not the Taj-Mahal. Who cares who uses it? (Maybe don’t let the truckers)

I’m voting for people to stop talking to me about lines. “Can you believe how long that line is?” “Can you believe how short the line was?” Yes, I can believe it.

Speaking of believing, I’m voting for people to stop asking me if I believe this weather we’re having. Yes, I believe the weather we’re having. The weather would have to do something impossible for me not to believe it – even then, I likely would still cling to my belief.

I’m voting for the crybabies who threaten to move out of America if their candidate doesn’t win to move out without posting a status about it. We don’t need any more theatrics, we have the news for that.

I’m voting for people to stop handing out their political opinions on social media like Jocks handing out wedgies to nerds in my 1960’s high school analogy. Ouch.

 I’m voting for people to only share their political beliefs with, you know… people who ask for them!

I’m voting for people to make up their mind about what they want to eat BEFORE they arrive at the restaurant so all parties involved can get 5 minutes of their life back.

 I’m voting for people to realize anytime you ask a waiter, “is this good?” they’re likely to say yes.

I’m voting for McDonald’s to bring back the supersize option. I do not believe other people’s lack of self-control has the right to infringe on my lack of self-control. Do you think not being to order a supersize big mac will stop me from ordering two big macs? Not in America, it won’t.

 I’m voting for Fathers to stop blaming their children for losing the TV remote when we all know damn-well the father is likely sitting on it.

I’m voting for people to stop sharing their progress pics on social media. Yes, I’m happy for you. No, I don’t want to see it.

I’m voting for people to stop making voluntary workouts seem mandatory. We have enough bullshit as is; please spare us yours.

I’m voting to end all gender reveal parties. The only thing they reveal is how little people want to be there.

I’m voting for all hot tubs to be in the shape of an octagon, so more people have access to the crème de-la-creme corner seat.

Most importantly, I’m voting for kindness. The world is crazy and cold enough as it is. It’s about time we all collectively turn the other cheek and make an effort to be kind to strangers and treat our neighbors with love and respect.

What are you voting for? Please like, comment, and share.

38 thoughts on “What I’m Voting For

  1. I’m voting for fewer adult temper tantrums when they do not receive instant gratification and the tyranny of autocorrect. I also vote against red lights that don’t change in under 5 minutes especially when there are no waiting pedestrians or on going traffic. I also vote against encouraging Walmart shoppers who must dress that way in hopes of making a gruesome picture spread.

      1. I hate sitting for a long time at red light when there is absolutely no traffic
        I’m always afraid a cop will see me running the red and won’t believe me when I tell him I sat there for minutes already.

  2. Since I live in the Northwest, I am voting for rain to fall in only one direction. It’s bad enough that it has to fall straight down and get us wet, but when it falls sideways (or even back up) we get wet no matter what we do. Umbrellas are useless as well as those waterproof jackets. So, let’s just get rain going in one direction all the time.

      1. Nah, Americans have this incurable optimism that’s not available in very many other places. It’s in your DNA somewhere. cheers

  3. I vote for respect, mutual respect. You don’t have to like a person, you don’t have to agree with everything they say, or think. They have the same rights as you do. Respect those rights.

  4. After that post, I’m voting for you! Actually I cast my ballot in the general election, and I trust that we might all find the kindness to get us through this uncertain time.

  5. I so agree with your last one. I too am voting for kindness. I’m also voting for the elder family members to stop putting the pressure on the younger members to be perfect and let them be themselves.

  6. I’m voting for kindness as well. But I’m also voting for the freedoms that millions have died for. I’m voting for the responsibility that comes with that freedom. I’m voting for honesty. I’m voting for the people who act with respect – who aren’t above spreading misinformation and voter suppression campaigns. Who aren’t above trying to subvert the democratic process. I’m voting for everyone to have their say – for everyone to speak up and be allowed to share their beliefs and opinions. That thing called freedom of speech. I’m voting for science and the truth above my pride. I’m voting for the planet and my children’s future. I’m voting for equal treatment and equal rights. I’m voting for all those who lost their lives this year. I’m voting for the trust we must place in what professionals have to say regarding their respective fields. For the doctors and nurses who put their lives on the line. I’m voting for a life of greater purpose and meaning. I’m voting for what is in the best interest of everyone. Because that is what kindness and respect is about. It’s about considering what’s in the best interests of everybody – not just one party or one group or one person. So yes I’m voting for kindness as well.

    Wishing you all the best friend. And thank you for sharing your thoughts and allowing me to share mine. Kind regards, AP2 🙏

  7. I’m voting for this crapfest to be O V E R.
    I’m voting for the end of the Electoral College so that “One man, one vote” means what it says.
    And I’m voting for decency and respect to return to the world, not just in America, but everywhere.

  8. I loved some of the stuff you’re voting for! As for me, I’m voting for more kindness and respect. And a complete end to that annoying auto-correct thing. I have a hard enough time texting as it is.

  9. I’m voting for people to have their money or debit cards etc ready when they shop & not have to spend ten minutes searching for them at the bottoms of purses, backpacks or saddlebags.

  10. To quote something I read somewhere; “Most importantly, I’m voting for kindness. The world is crazy and cold enough as it is. It’s about time we all collectively turn the other cheek and make an effort to be kind to strangers and treat our neighbors with love and respect.” Well said…and I guess that rules out a certain party. stay well and continue…

  11. Love that you included and ended your Vote for Kindness. It’s so easy to use, to receive and to just be! Yay! a vote for kindness everyday! Spread the joy! and thanks. I love your posts!

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