How To Piss Off Your Coworkers In The Group Chat

Hey WordPress Fam,

I recently published a new humor piece in Slackjaw that I’d like to share with you. You know how great it is to get thousand text messages from your coworkers while you’re trying to work? Well this is a satire piece about pissing off your coworkers in the group chat.

I’d love for you to give it a read and tell me what you think.

As always, be sure to like, comment and tell me what “tips” I’m missing.

14 thoughts on “How To Piss Off Your Coworkers In The Group Chat

  1. Lol today I learned about a new publication, though I’ll probably not write for them as my written humour can be a little lacking.

    One tip I’d like to add is to snitch on people taking a few too many minutes on their smoke break, or to ask the latecomers “Hey, where are you guys? Why aren’t you back from lunch yet?”

  2. Tony, Tony, Don’t mess with the pros. All I have to do to piss off others on a group chat is to have my name on the list. My reputation announces me. I needed this today since I find myself with a hankering to piss off a whole lot of people.

  3. Many, many years ago, my then-teenage daughter used to go to random Internet chat rooms after school. She’d just log in, and do nothing. Post nothing. She’d go off, have an after-school snack, do her homework, then come back and post a single line: “I wonder who the FBI agent is?” and watch people scatter.

    Then she’d log out.

  4. Don’t have such lovelies to add, though, YES! Grammar Nazi’s, Literary Spooks! (As in subterfuge) i helped create these groups of sich people offering to write for a fee, cause i said, “Ty for your FREE advice!” And they disappeared, like smoke then! Loved the article! It was Lol! Loved the viewpoint.

  5. Best thing about someone liking a post of yours is they’re funny as fuck. I’ve been loling to your blog for a good part of the day, bub😂 Thank you ever so much for your intelligent and hilarious point of view we can all relate to.

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