Cheesy Wrestling Finishing Moves

If watching someone get hit with a chair is wrong, please rest assured that I don’t want to be right.

WWE wrestling is the soap opera we’ve always wanted: a mediocre story, filled with expected plot twists, predictable love triangles, and men & women flying around in tights. (And this time we’re not talking about Peter Pan. )

In honor of all things cheesy, I  have complied the top 10 cheesiest-named wrestling finishing moves of all time. OH-MAH-GAWD.


“The Rock Bottom” – Finishing move of The Rock


You can only go up from here!


“The Verdict” – Finishing move of David Otunga


The jury has ruled in favor of PAIN!


“The Attitude Adjustment” – Finishing move of John Cena


After school detention doesn’t always work…


“The Meat Hook” – Finishing move of Ryback


And don’t you go a-thinkin’ I’m your ordinary butcher.


“Tombstone Piledriver” – Finishing move of The Undertaker


It’ll put you six feet under.


“Muscle Buster” Finishing move of Samoa Joe


Because the brain buster costs extra!


The Code Blue” Finishing move of Tyson Kidd


Is there a doctor in the house?


“The Last Ride” Finishing move of The Undertaker


This cab doesn’t need fare.


“Diamond Dust” Finishing move 0f Cody Rhodes


It’s illegal in 49 states!


“Sliced Bread #2” Finishing move of Brian Kendrick


Accompanied on the red carpet with deli meat #1, lettuce #9 and mustard #6.


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8 thoughts on “Cheesy Wrestling Finishing Moves

  1. For reasons I can’t explain, I LOVED old school WWF as a kid. You’re right- there is something oddly satisfying about watching one big dude knock another big dude out with a chair or folding table, then getting tossed like a rag doll over the ropes.

    As the years passed, I’ve moved on to watching MMA instead. But every now and then when I need a good laugh, it’s WWE time.

  2. My nana, who was a gentle soul, loved wrestling. None of our family like the real stuff like MMA but the humor in WWE is good – although all of the moves must hurt. Is it PC to say that I think it is a tiny bit gay??

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