The 10 People You Encounter During The Holidays

The Holidays are a special time full of yuletide joy, ugly sweater Christmas parties and goodwill. This is a guide describing the 10 people you’ll inevitably encounter during the Holidays. Enjoy.

The Best Gift Giver.


Straight up, this person has their shit together. They crept on your instagram, spent thankless nights reading your tweets and even have a bubble gum statue of you. I’m sorry, I think I’m talking about future serial killer, Helga G Pataki. In all seriousness, these people are awesome. They take the time to give you a gift of value and really go the extra mile to make it as special as each individual snowflake. It warms my heart simply thinking of these people.



The International Bad Gift Giver.


This person is a bastard but gosh darn’ it, they’re the best damn cop on the force! Sometimes their gifts are even funny. This person gets their kicks intentionally gifting shitty gifts during the white elephant gift exchange. Nothing brings them more delight than presenting Hell disguised as Heaven. A pair of dirty undies wrapped in a pristine box is not out of the realm of possibility with these people. Keep your governor on around this person.


The Late Shopper.

This person never gave a fuck about a calendar and further more is a loose cannon cop that doesn’t play by the rules. This person feels the need to make a passing joke to the cashier about always waiting for the last minute to buy gifts. The cashier is forced to feign laughter and say an even dumber joke. Society somehow accepts this as normal and life goes on. This person loves bitching about waiting in checkout lines with the other people that refuse to use calendars.



The Christmas Spirit.

This person makes Christmas feel like Christmas. This is the person that utilizes the Christmas countdown calendar, listens to Christmas music in November, and even has their Christmas lights up in October. Now that’s a lot of Christmas spirit! These are good people and you want to be invited to their ugly sweater Christmas party. These people remind you to not be cynical during the holidays and ultimately make you feel flashing moments of being a kid again.


The Jackass That’s Overly Proud Of Their Ugly Sweater.

Ok Coco Chanel, where did you find the time to go onto Amazon and pick the sweater with Rudolf drinking a beer? I mean, what will they think of next? Santa smoking a bong? Frosty the snowman listening to Jimmy Buffet on the beach? Jack Frost fucking a reindeer? Yes, your ugly sweater is hideous. Congratulations, you won a random Saturday in December. Enjoy your inevitable ugly sweater instagram post. I won’t be looking forward to it.


The Weather Complainers.

Damned if it’s sunny, damned it it’s snowing. Yes, please keep telling us how the weather is supposed to be. The weather clearly follows reason and logic. Additionally, the weather’s “problems” are unique to your region. Avoid this person at all costs; this person lets an act of nature control their feelings.


The Socially Anxious Family Member.

Is it hot in here or is it me? I mean, my God, someone turn down the thermostat! This person views Christmas day as a living Hell and cannot come to terms that the family supports him / her. Nothing is more nerve wracking than having artificial conversations with extended family members. Be kind to this person, they’ll come around eventually.



The Social Awkward Family Member.

So it’s Christmas day and we’re talking about the 25 reasons why Donald Trump is the devil followed by the 7 dates you’ve been on. I’m not going to ask you to pass the gravy as it might turn into a 30 minute conversation why one shouldn’t choose Bulbasaur in Pokémon. Ok, I’m kidding, I would love to talk about Pokémon on Christmas. This is the person that doesn’t have timing thus transforming an otherwise normal moment into a perpetual awkward moment. All things considered, this is very well the coolest person in the family and you should look forward to seeing them.


The Townie.

Things would have been different if coach would have put him in. I’m serious, he may have even  won state! Had he won state, he certaintly wouldn’t be at the bar telling you about his high school glory days. Perhaps you’ll gift him a magic Genie in a bottle and with a mere wish, his failed dreams will come true.



The Fast Food Worker.

Ok, yeah; you broke down and so did I. I know you’re mom made mashed potatoes, and you told yourself you were going to cut back. But you know what? You’re damn right I want fries with that! I have a two and a half hour car ride with the rest of these schmucks and I want to make a few more mistakes before I join the gym in January. I know you ate fast food this month. Wish the fast food worker a Merry Christmas. These people never receive enough common courtesy.


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51 thoughts on “The 10 People You Encounter During The Holidays

  1. Love the reminders to be kind to unpleasant family members and wish a Merry Christmas to fast food workers!!! As an aside, totally NOT looking forward to telling my nosy aunt about the 7 dates I’ve been on most recently…

    1. That’ll be in the next article – the 20 people you encounter in December! If that was you – I’m sorry that happened. Regardless Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for reading from my blog. I like reading this entry of yours. It’s funny, insightful analysis. At one point in reading, I laughed out loud. When I do that in a room with only me in it, I think what’s written is really funny. Or I’m really bent. Maybe both are true. Again, Thanks!

  3. Reblogged this on Albion Yard and commented:
    Tony, thank you for those thoughts, a good christmas to you and the other readers! However I find myself troubled, so much so the chewing gum effigy worries me. (Only because I have none to hand.)

    Is Blu-tak an acceptable alternative?

  4. How about the hater of all things Christmas who insists that because Christmas means nothing to him wants to make sure it means nothing to you?

    Thanks for liking my blog post and for the laughs! Your finely-honed disdain and honesty is appreciated.

  5. I am the Weather Complainer, but not exactly as you put it! If it is not snowing, it is not Christmas, and I am in Guangzhou, which is a tropical climate. I was asking all of my students, “Where is the snow?” to their horror. “There is no snow, teacher…”

    Woe was me (all jokes)!

  6. Very humorous, thanks! Maybe you missed the “Helpful to all tourists”, the local know-it-all who insists on intruding in your vacation with advice that is neither helpful nor interesting, but merely indicative of the fact they have nothing better to do in their lives.

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