Hard worker

Let me apologize – first and foremost you may be wondering where the fudge have I been?

Good Question

So – I have been working on a book and I’m actually going to share with you one of my chapters that I think will help you!

I’m writing a sales book and this chapter is on being a hard worker. It’s about sales but the message applicable to virtually any situation.

Essentially this is a quick kick in groin; it’s the jumpstart I needed.

Please read on and tell me what you think!

More content coming soon – I promise.

Hard Worker

“How can you reap, If you don’t sow?”

My friends, I saw that quote in a daycare and thought to myself that this quote is the mystery of sales explained by a six year old.

I’ll update that translation since most of you are reading this in the comfort of air-conditioning and not breaking your back in a field.

Lazy bastard!

“How can you expect to get paid / close deals if you don’t work?”

Being a hard worker only takes effort – similar to weightlifting, you only get the results in sales (and life in general) if you put in the work plain and simple.

Your prospects aren’t waking up thinking about you and your product. It’s on you to introduce yourself and your business.

Again – think about it – “How can you reap if you don’t sow?”

Point blank, you need to do the work, you’ll have good days, you’ll have bad days but as long as you’re grinding, the odd’s of closing more business are in your favor.

Essentially what this means is be disciplined and force yourself to work even when you don’t want to.

Here’s a helpful hint – try to make this positive! You work hard to have a better life right?

When you work, you’re trying to improve yourself – that’s badass!

Like all great counterintuitive messages, you’ll come to find that discipline eventually equals freedom.


23 thoughts on “Hard worker

  1. Living alone, and trying to become a published author, it is easy to skip or delay work; especially when life intrudes. But, the words do not write themselves, so I always get back to writing – just not as often or as long as I wish.

    1. I feel that – but just like a brick wall being built, Day after day that you write, you’re building up your story until one day it will be done. The consistent effort is key! You got this.

  2. You may want to replace the “fuck”. I’m not being a prude, it’s just that why alienate prospective customers if you don’t have to. Just a thought.

  3. “Your prospects aren’t waking up thinking about you and your product. It’s on you to introduce yourself and your business.”

    So true! I find promotion to be the most wearying part of the process, but as you say, you have to keep sowing those seeds 🙂

  4. “Your prospects aren’t waking up thinking about you and your product. It’s on you to introduce yourself and your business.”

    This is so true! I find promoting to be the hardest, most wearying part of the whole process. But as you say, if you want to reap, you have to sow those seeds 🙂

  5. As an author, I want to spend my time writing and let someone else do the promotion! It doesn’t help that I am an introvert or that I have a FT job which needs my attention either. I have the desire to sell/promote, but lack the specific know-how and the get-out-there-and-do-it personality. No one person can do it all!

    1. You’re Right – no one can do it all on their own – but what you can do is find some contacts and start by sending a few soft emails to get you in contact with a publisher and whatnot – then when you’re established – you can outsource the promotion- just an opinion

  6. I am working hard on the discipline thing or rather the self-discipline thing! I am a great believer in you reap what you sow! Thank you for reminding me! 🙂

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