Being Likable

Don’t you hate when you’re in a room with a total ass?

Yeah, me too.

Below you’ll find a chapter in book I’m working on. The chapter: Being Likeable.

Please read, share and tell me what you think. This is written for a sales book but it can be applied for every day life.

– TB

If you’re selling a product or service to someone you’ve never met, the least you could do is be likeable – am I right?!

Here’s the deal, you know that used-car salesman picture in your head – the guy or gal with the cheap suit, cheaper haircut and smells of grease.

The guy who doesn’t listen to what you’re saying?

Yeah, people don’t really like that.

Being likeable boils down to kindergarten principals.

Treat people the way they want to be treated. Be nice, be kind, be positive, have a sense of humor and most importantly be real.

Show off your human side – you know how you stubbed your toe this morning and wished damnation onto the whole world? Your prospect can relate to that.

You know that jalapeno you ate and it’s burning a hole in your mouth that’s wider than a river? Your prospect can relate to that.

You know the homegrown excitement your town has for their sports team? Your prospect can relate to that.

Being likeable is simply being a conscience human, doing the right thing and coming across as a real person.

Real respects real – remember that it’s coming across as a real live human – flaws, scars and all is what brings people closer together, not your super cool product with all the gadgets and gizmos!

Show your authentic self and make authentic connections.

29 thoughts on “Being Likable

  1. Reminds me of the old story where a guest for dinner at a couple’s home talked for hours about himself.
    When he finally left the wife said to her husband, “Well, you seem to have made a friend.”
    The husband replied, “Yeah, but he didn’t.”
    Good post. – Jim

  2. You’re right about being likable, being real, being authentic and being kind. Each of these are vital aspects of being a good communicator and in particular, a good listener. Thank you for sharing some of your book.

  3. It fascinates me that you relate the topic of being likeable to sales. I was in sales — in one way or another — my entire career, including when I owned and operated a tiny sales agency employing 13 people. So I think you can get a sense of how interested I am in your approach to being likeable.

    In my experience, your advice is spot on, Tony. Especially the last part, “Show your authentic self and make authentic connections.” New salespeople take a while to catch onto that, if they ever do, in part because it means some people will reject you — they just won’t like the real you. But you will nevertheless make a much greater impact on the ones who do like you. Much greater.

    I might attempt to cook up a blog post, springboarding off yours. I harbor a few ideas of my own here. But maybe not, too. It’s been so long, not sure I want to dredge up the memories.

    Thank you for such an interesting post.

    1. I appreciate your feed back, Paul. It can be a bit of a shocker! Knee-jerk reactions to the appearance of those attempting to find authenticity, must be startling. Someone once asked me to consider how someone without wounds would be perceived by those covered in them. What an awful and terrific inversion of space of time. Like a colour from out of space. Let it ride, i espose, conceit, and abide (like the dude).

  4. Great article.
    I still refuse to be anything but authentic though, even at the expense of likeability. Luckily, I have a tight group of friends who “get it.”

    Peace to anyone else though. Being likable is a valuable skill.

  5. Good stuff, but I’ve got two quick thoughts –
    You want “principles” when you’re talking about kindergarten. Unless I misunderstood and you’re talking about the head of the school, lol!

    Also, I would contend that you can’t treat someone the way they want to be treated. Unless you know them well, you don’t know how they want to be treated. That’s why the golden rule is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

    I know, there always has to be “that guy” (and nobody likes him!)

    Have a great weekend.

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