Ahh confidence… the great tease that you are.

Don’t you wish you someone would tell you how to be more confident?

Well here’s my take.

Please read, share and tell me what you think. This is written for a sales book but it can be applied for every day life.

Plastered on the walls of your imagination lives the confident person who moves with grace, talks with wit and shits 24 karat bricks of gold into their golden toilet.

You reach to be this super-person, but you find yourself falling a tad short.

It’s ok, I’m with you too.

Ahh confidence, the great tease that you are.

I’ll save you the years of struggle; read on.

Confidence is acting in a manor that is sure of the outcome, it’s acting without judgement and staying out of your own way.

So how in the fuck does this apply to sales?

Good question.

In sales it means prospecting in a manor that isn’t worried about being rejected.

It means asking for an appointment without fear.

It means asking to close the deal.

It means showing your authentic personality when you meet someone.

You become confident when you believe you are confident…. that’s it.

This secret is like lighting a dud firework…. you expect a big bang but it’s only a fizzle… you want your money back.

If you’re unsure how to get started, simply give yourself permission to act confident doing run-of-the-mills tasks such as ordering food, then gradually apply that to sales.

Maybe one morning you allow yourself to sound confident when you make a phone call.

Maybe one afternoon you give yourself permission to act confident doing a door pull.

Start slow and build yourself up, like a weight lifter adding muscle to their frame.

It sounds stupid, but repetition wears down mental roadblocks similar to how water smooths jagged stones.

Focused persistence is the ultimate changing force.

Never forget that sales is a people’s business and it’s being confident that will allow you showcase your authentic personality which will separate you from the pack of typical honky-dory salesmen.

Think confident, be confident.

33 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. I would so totally follow these rules if only I had a manor in which to follow them. I know a lot of people with huge estates with little confidence, though, so I just don’t understand why a lot of these things must be done in manors. Maybe someone might like to lend me their manor for a while? I don’t know if I have enough money to rent a manor. But if any generous manor owners out there would like to help me out with completing this list, please let me know.

  2. These are great tips. I’ve found that acting confident really does lead to confidence. It can work with the ladies, too.

  3. Great post … my recent self esteem course touched on some similar aspects.
    Self belief and self worth. They are all linked in the tapestry of life. The one we were born to live before we got caught up in thinking we had to please everyone around us.
    While I make sure I haven’t gone into selfish-cow territory, I do nowadays ensure I am making decisions about my day/life which please me first.

      1. It’s sad in fact.
        As toddlers, the selfish desire to just ‘be’ is stripped from us as we learn so called ‘manners’ and ‘rights and wrongs’ (which naturally do need to be learnt) but there’s evidently a lot more that’s lost around that time … a belief that it’s ok to be confident about our instincts 💫

  4. Like it, but have you ever bought something from a salesperson who was surprised they sold you? Like they try to cover this up, but you detect it? I always feel I’m either buying snake oil or paying their bonus for the month when this happens. Want to sell well? Confidence is also already visualizing that sale outcome. Know what it looks like. What you feel when they tell you to wrap ‘er up. Go through those emotions before you’re face to face with your customer. Then when it happens as you expected, your sale you’ve been working on your confidence to make doesn’t fall from the sky and land like a dud. Leave your customer feeling like they’re part of your club, not the one person you convinced this month.

  5. Confidence is very much a learned game. I think I’ve mentioned this before that I was the last person in the world anyone expected to become a soldier, or a police officer, and spend years in the one and retire from the other. The simple truth is most of these people how gravitate into these careers, are generally thought of as “Bad-asses”. No, I have never thought of myself in those terms, and never will.
    But it is an acquired trait, especially when it’s forced upon you. I ended up going though so much stuff, I became very confident in my abilities. Part of it was learning never to quit, and never to accept defeat. That simple piece helped through some really dangerous situations.
    Thinking through situations long before you encounter them helps also. At the very least, you have a starting point on what to do, and can improvise when the situation goes off script. That applies if you’re trying to sell a car, or seal with a desperate man holed up in an apartment building.

  6. I like your suggestions for getting started at being confident. This especially struck me as a brilliant insight:

    It sounds stupid, but repetition wears down mental roadblocks similar to how water smooths jagged stones.

  7. I mean, I think I know what you mean. It’s just that when weightlifters lift stuff, they don’t really think that. I think they (we?) believe something much more fruitful.

    They say, “This is a safe weight, but not too safe. I will challenge myself with it and if I fail, that’s that. I will push myself to failure then stop.”

    It’s really useful to add your mental strength to your physical one, but that doesn’t matter if your strength is inadequate or worse, a miscalculated risk that will put you at harm.

    You addressed this lightly in this post. It’s you taking a step up at a time. You don’t want to go too hard too fast. In that sense, you don’t want to use your confidence in a way that will hurt your sales. There’s a limit above which you don’t want to laud your own work. At least in my opinion. (Mike)

  8. Maybe a lot of films today lack characterizations of such. Maybe. Confidence is certainly lacking. in those who display counter behaviors. Merits and what is virtuous, may be in question. Strong share Tony.

  9. Confidence is acting in a manor that is sure of the outcome, it’s acting without judgement and staying out of your own way.

    What a thought it is enough for explaining the definition of confidence

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