Could you really be a cat person? The real reason why cats are man’s best friend

Growing up, I was a dog guy… and annoyingly proud.

I drank the Kool-Aid. I bought the milk bones. I even kept a tennis ball in my pocket for an emergency game of fetch.— You never know when your dog might get the urge.

And I loved being a dog guy. Every time I got asked those stupid ice-breaking questions, the ones that rarely reveal anything significant, the “what do you like better, dogs or cats?” of the world, I would proudly say dogs and even hold a bit of contempt for anyone who disagreed. I was highly suspicious of people who said cats.

You like cats? Are you ok?

Do you need help?

Is there something I can do for you?

Hey Johnny, keep an eye on Greta. She’s a cat person. She can’t be trusted.

Which, of course, like nearly all assumptions, is inherently stupid.

But then, like a midlife crisis where everything you once thought was solid is now flimsy, my identity was shaken after I moved into a house with a cat.

And with a healthy ounce of regret, I have to admit I think I’m a cat guy. Here’s why:

If dog is man’s best friend, cat is a man’s true friend

The best asset dogs have are the branding they have behind them.

Man’s best friend.” Now THAT has a nice ring to it. It has a bit of finality to it, a bit of certainty. With a name like that, the stakes are already built in.

But then, if you ever start to think about what best friend means, and I mean really think about it, like all thinking, it only creates problems.

Does your best friend run up to you and lick you every time they see you?

Does your best friend take your seat on the couch?

Does your best friend slobber all over you?

Does your best friend sleep between you and your wife?

No. That kind of sounds like a crazy-marriage-wrecking friend….. if you even want to use the word friend.

Man’s best friend would probably act more like a cat

A cat will say hi to you but won’t roll out the red carpet. Like a real best friend, they’ll keep you humble.

A cat will give you just enough attention to know you’re loved, but it won’t be up your ass. There’s an unspoken language of respect shared like most real best friends.

Where a real best friend will be there for you when you feel down, A cat will also be there when the stress of the world makes you feel like drowning.

And when you’re feeling good, it’ll mind its own damn business, again, like a real best friend.

But it’s so much more than a best friend; cats do many things better. For example:

Cats are the perfect flirts

A Cat will give you attention, but never too much, so they always leave you wanting more.

Textbook flirting written by Casanova himself.

With a dog? Ha!

A dog wouldn’t know flirting if they mistook cupid for a chew toy.

They give the same love day in and day out, but not to you… to anyone. Which can only mean one thing:

They can be bought and sold like an unreliable mercenary.

One piece of salami can turn even the fiercest of dogs into your best friend damn near instantly.

But it’s not just that…

Do you travel often?

Here’s a pain in the ass — finding someone to watch your dog.

Dogs need attention, and dogs should get attention — it makes them happy. But if you travel often, that’s a hard canyon to fill.

With a Cat — travel away. They can be trusted to be left alone, and with an automatic feeder, you don’t have to feel guilty.

I guess what I want to say is this.

Cats are better than dogs

Until someone breaks into your house.

Please like, comment, and share with a cat or dog person. Do you agree? What do you like better? Cats or dogs?

51 thoughts on “Could you really be a cat person? The real reason why cats are man’s best friend

  1. Totally agree with this. Always thought I was a dog lover until I moved in with my now husband, who owned a cat. Never had a dog since and probably won’t unless I find myself retiring on a farm where the dog can roam freely instead of jumping on me and licking me any time I walk through the door. I am a cat in spirit. I need attention, but only when I want it. Otherwise, leave me alone.

  2. I never thought I wanted a dog until I got one. I love the unconditional love, dog hair in the butter notwithstanding. But hey—cats shed too, and they have closer proximity to the butter by virtue of jumping up onto the kitchen counter. Not a fan of the counter-jumps. Bottom line? Love ’em both!

  3. I resemble these remarks. I felt all those things about cats, even while I grew up with dogs and cats. And now, the cat has reveled in her sole possession, having outlived the dogs.

  4. Clearly, you’ve never lived with a Honey Badger … er, Cattle Dog. Aloof enough to make everyone want to try harder, smart enough to know who’s really boss. (Hint: Not you.) I do like me a good barn cat, but probably only because they remind me of my Cattle Dogs. 😉

  5. I am definitely a dog person. I have a young Cocker Spaniel. She has the drive of Usain Bolt, she runs so fast you think she is in another room and suddenly she is front of you begging for food.
    She easily jumps as high as her height and then some. I couldn’t miss her for a day.

  6. I was always a ‘dog person’ until 1994 when my daughter moved back home with her two cats, and from that time on, it’s been cats, cats, and more cats. At one time we had ten rescue cats, now we are sadly down to five. They are cantankerous, stubborn, ornery, and we love them dearly!

  7. Well. I am going to be very original now… “You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the force…” =))))) It has been a long time since I have had a dog.

    Now I also think of possibly owning a cat, but with a dog. I need that balance. I have true friends, but fewer and fewer best friends. So as companions for my long walks.

    Do you want one more original thought? Such a combination of animals would be: “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be” =)))

  8. Well said! As a cat person, I think calling dogs as an unreliable mercenary is unfair. Most domestic dogs are loyal and they miss and mourn the owner when they leave. Apart from that, I enjoyed everything else 😸
    Sharing it to my friends 🐾
    Fun Fact: My blog is called TheCatsCanny 😜

  9. I’ve been a cat person my whole life. I don’t adopt them, they adopt me. They wander in my yard, cozy up, and either stay a long while or leave shortly after. Midnight is the longest running companion. She came to me as a youngster outside my door during a snowstorm in 2010. I’ve had her since. She’s old and cranky now; lol much like me. Yes I resonated with this post completely! I’ve had 2 dogs my entire life. Good friends but nothing compares to my cats.

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