Top Five Overused Phrases On Social Media

Social Media is a tepid pond filled to its foamy brim with best intentions disguised behind a whirlwind of characters and dancing emoticons. I must ask you something: do you like viewing an overly ambitious timeline powered by overfed and undernourished phrases on social media? Cool, me neither. Assembled below is a *Not so completely serious* list of the top five overused phrases in pop culture carelessly farting around on a social media platform nearest you. You’re welcome.

1.) “You’re a gem”


To a jewelry man, you know, a bonafide rock man, this phrase certainly must make them smile. “You’re a gem” No you’re a gem. I mean it! Seriously you’re a gem. Holy shit a gem just spoke to me. Am I dreaming. Oh my God I’m not. Oh shit. Wow, a rock just spoke to me. Fuck me, was I drugged? You know what? I was drugged, you’re not a gem. Wow that was weird.

2.) “Without you, I don’t where I would be”


This phrase is a fan favorite of Romeo and Juliet, but to me, it invokes a certain obvious question(s): You really don’t know where’d you be? Like not a clue? Not even a hint? No idea? You don’t even have a guess? Do you think you would of been floating around somewhere in the space and time continuum? For the love of lollipops lets agree that you might know where you’d be.


3.) “Literally dying”


Literally no-FREAKING-way.


4.) “Words cannot express what you mean to me”

On the surface, this phrase sounds deep, but to me, it comes off problematic. I mean what do you think I am? A damn mind reader? Am I right? If words cannot express what you mean than what can? Doodles? Yeah, here’s a pen and some paper, scribble something down, my seven therapists and I will have the time of our life’s decoding this message. Words probably can express what you mean… just a thought.

5.) “I can’t even”

Although this is easily the most addictive phrase to say, it comes off with an air of pretentiousness. I mean the nerve of some people, you CAN even. Dammit…I believe in you

Please comment, share and let me know what you think the most basic / overused phrases on social media are.

152 thoughts on “Top Five Overused Phrases On Social Media

  1. Thanks for sharing, Tony. My fave one is LOL. We all use it and yet I rarely hear a wholeheartedly laughter (if ever) unless is Tickle-Me-Elmo. Does it mean we are a bunch of liars?

  2. Thank fuck my friends don’t use the term ‘can’t even’. That term makes my brain hurt. Not to mention that for every time it is used a good book dies a horrible death and we end up with yet another Kardashian selfie. Frightening I tell you!

  3. Great post! I love to point out inane phrases that people use (no matter where they use them). My favorite: “To be honest with you.” I did a post on that one. Another thing people do is to not end their sentences. Instead, they trail off with a “so…” or “and stuff like that…” Interesting to observe how we use the language, huh?

  4. This post is marvelous, both in content and style. I’m sick of hearing “awesome” applied to everything, both large and small. Even worse, the phrase “awesome sauce.” The first time my husband said that, I gave him a look of such scalding disbelief he actually blushed.

  5. You made me laugh. These phrases were just asking to be made fun of.

    I don’t know where I’d be without your blog. Words cannot express what you mean to me…..

    So I will just be floating along through space , wondering where the hell I am and using that time to find words to describe your value…..

    Until next time….or whenever I float back down to reality….

    Much love,
    Annie ☺🐇💕

  6. I’m absolutely contemptuous of the phrase ‘back in the day’ when it’s used by someone under 30. Unless you’re old enough to remember rotary pay phones, you haven’t been around long enough to talk you’re some kind of experienced, worldly person. It doesn’t sound hip, it sounds pretentious.

  7. But–but–but– I love saying “I can’t even” and “I’m literally dying.” Words can not even express how much they mean to me, they’re gems. I don’t know where I’d be without them

  8. Tony, Without your balogna I don’t know where I’d be. I can’t even begin to express what your balogna means to me. You’re a balogna gem and I’m literally dying for a balogna sandwich…aaaack!

    Thanks for stopping by

  9. That was hilarious, thank you. Still laughing out loud at the gem one.

    “I’m humbled to have my piece accepted by — magazine.” Really? If you’re feeling humble, why not wait until the link to the magazine is available for people to read before sharing the news? Why does being told you’re a good writer make you feel humble? Is this some kind of literary doublespeak for “I’m proud”? Is this the end of the world as we know it? And I feel snark.

  10. This was lovely ^^

    I don’t know if it’s used much on social media, but every time I hear “I can’t tell you what you mean to me. I love you!” I want to puke! I mean there are so many words out there and you really want me to believe there is no way you can tell me what you feel? 0o And why telling me what you feel AFTER telling me you can’t? 0o
    And why do they always add “I love you”? THERE ARE OTHER WORDS THAN THAT!

    I also noticed that whenever I ask someone to describe something to me, they can’t do that. Last time I asked my cousin what her watch looked like she said: “It’s gold with fake diamonds on it.”
    Well now try to picture that in your mind?! I bet everyone has a different picture.

    It’s sad don’t you think?

    LG Rin

    1. I thought that was hysterical – I can 100% relate. I don’t know if I think it’s sad, but I know your struggle as I have the same one.

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  12. reading this just cracking up over it all! I love that you write as a real person speaks…if you know what I mean? like the words are flying off of your pen so to speak just as if they were flying right out of my mouth hahahaa!

    1. Hahah thank you! That’s intentional – whenever I write I always read it out loud to see how it will “sound” when someone is reading – I’m glad you appreciate that

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