Top Five Overused Phrases On Social Media

Social Media is a tepid pond filled to its foamy brim with best intentions disguised behind a whirlwind of characters and dancing emoticons. I must ask you something: do you like viewing an overly ambitious timeline powered by overfed and undernourished phrases on social media? Cool, me neither. Assembled below is a *Not so completely serious* list of the top five overused phrases in pop culture carelessly farting around on a social media platform nearest you. You’re welcome.

1.) “You’re a gem”


To a jewelry man, you know, a bonafide rock man, this phrase certainly must make them smile. “You’re a gem” No you’re a gem. I mean it! Seriously you’re a gem. Holy shit a gem just spoke to me. Am I dreaming. Oh my God I’m not. Oh shit. Wow, a rock just spoke to me. Fuck me, was I drugged? You know what? I was drugged, you’re not a gem. Wow that was weird.

2.) “Without you, I don’t where I would be”


This phrase is a fan favorite of Romeo and Juliet, but to me, it invokes a certain obvious question(s): You really don’t know where’d you be? Like not a clue? Not even a hint? No idea? You don’t even have a guess? Do you think you would of been floating around somewhere in the space and time continuum? For the love of lollipops lets agree that you might know where you’d be.


3.) “Literally dying”


Literally no-FREAKING-way.


4.) “Words cannot express what you mean to me”

On the surface, this phrase sounds deep, but to me, it comes off problematic. I mean what do you think I am? A damn mind reader? Am I right? If words cannot express what you mean than what can? Doodles? Yeah, here’s a pen and some paper, scribble something down, my seven therapists and I will have the time of our life’s decoding this message. Words probably can express what you mean… just a thought.

5.) “I can’t even”

Although this is easily the most addictive phrase to say, it comes off with an air of pretentiousness. I mean the nerve of some people, you CAN even. Dammit…I believe in you

Please comment, share and let me know what you think the most basic / overused phrases on social media are.

152 thoughts on “Top Five Overused Phrases On Social Media

  1. I’ve noticed that every time someone posts a sentiment declaring their love for a friend or significant other, they ALWAYS use the phrase “We may fight a lot, but…” or “We may have our ups and downs, but….” Personal favorite of mine…and by favorite I mean pet peeve.

    1. I spent this past summer in Nashville (from my usual hometown in Cleveland, Oh) and was first exposed to the “bless her little heart”. Old Southern women don’t hold back when it comes to that phrase! They throw it around all the time!

  2. ‘Without you I don’t know where I’d be’! Honestly, they’d be in the same place they’re in regardless of the post. Social media…love it, hate it! Why oh why do people need to post their lives on it.
    Love your post; going for the reblog now. I may even manage to upset a few people by me posting it! 😃

  3. ‘Without you I don’t know where I would be’! Honestly, you’d be in the same place that your in with or without this “person”.
    What is it with people on social media and the need to share with the world their lives. Have a rant, totally but leave out the sick, stick your fingers down your throat comments.
    Thank you for this! I’m going for the reblog now; I’m sure I’ll get up a few people’s noses with the post 😀

  4. I don’t recognize any of those phrases. Do people actually use them in the social media? I don’t believe it! I don’t belong to any of those social media things, but why would anyone say those phrases unless face to face? Are they are afraid of having a normal relationship? Make it a rule folks: anyone who carries on a relationship on a social media “venue” is emotionally in need. They should see their shrink and try to get over it.

  5. Phrases don’t grind my gears as much as abbreviations ‘LOL’. Particularly when used at the end of a sentence, to try to make a nasty comment appear as though it isn’t. Also ‘Love you babes/man’. That is a phrase I hate, used far too often, diluting the power of the word ‘love’ every day.

  6. Some of the lines from famous songs like, “blow me a kiss, fire me a gun” or “baby I am a nightmare dressed like a daydream ” are used repeatedly by people. I mean, you are posing infront of a tree. Does not Mean you are my dream!
    And phrases like “love to the moon and back” or “love you truckloads” or “love you to the power infinity ”
    What happened to the power of a simple “I love you”?
    And the most irritating word, “bae”
    We are need of new phrases and words. Desperately

    Literally in no fucking hell..
    then there are these people who don’t see you in say about 3 weeks and when they meet you they be like, “i haven’t seen you in literally a million years”, shit, i don’t like that at all..

  8. I love this! Although the only one of these posts that I recall ever seeing is “literally dying” or variations of! The posts i get most annoyed at are the digs at people such as “i know who my friends are” or pointed memes aimed at boyfriends or friends!

  9. Mwah ha ha, loved this, especially numbers 2 and 3. For me, the grindingly irritating additions to the list would be anything with the hashtag #sorrynotsorry (just don’t say it in the first place then you smug tool).

  10. My cringer, is “to the moon and back”…usually stated after ‘I love you’…eeewww…who actually ever says that, for real??
    I am abit partial to the ol abbreves though…lol, Lmao, lmfao…makes replying so much more…minimal 😆

    1. I see what you’re saying, if you’re going into business I get why you would want to be a “brand” but that’s not an everyday thing

  11. “I love you to the moon and back” is another one that can be added to that list! I gag and then I roll my eyes every time I see someone use it. 😀

  12. My unfavorite social media phrase is “Just curious…” Meaning nosy, or having no better reason to ask than to scratch a mental itch, or …
    Who cares if you’re curious? Or are you ‘curious’ in the sense of ‘the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.’ (Sherlock Holmes)
    Well, curiouser curiouser…

  13. LOL and HAHA. Although I’m guilty of annoying myself with overuse….I’ve started just saying, “laughing,” or “funny shit”

    I think this is my new favorite blog.

  14. You’re a gem for writing this hilarious blog. Without your blog, I have no idea where I would be right now (probably at someone else’s blog.) I mean, I was literally dying trying to keep from laughing, and words cannot express what your blog has meant to me. I can’t even thank you enough for liking my blog on insults. You are the best. 🙂

  15. Can I say that I literally hate social media while hypocritically blogging? Facebook is the work of the devil, literally (that’s not sarcasm). My least favorite overused word is Really????
    Really good blog though – you’re a gem.

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