Top Three Online Lifestyles That Aren’t Actual Life

Social Media is a lifestyle and I’m simply a guy with wifi, grit, and judgment. From the gym guy, to the foodie, admit it, we love sharing our unique lifestyles and interests with the world. Listed below is the top three online lifestyles that aren’t actual life.

The Coffee Connoisseur


Contrary to popular belief, coffee is not a personality, but rather, Coffee is a drink. Eight out of ten people drink coffee. …Awkward.

The Man Bun


Can you describe your personality? ****Points to the bun***** “Yeah, this babys’ outlawed in three states.”

The Iphone Photographer


My camera also doubles as a phone… It’s pretty advanced. I’ll be shooting the greyhound station next week; so much energy.



I’ve done this, you’ve done this, we’ve done this. If this truly is your personality, I’ll think you’re douche but atleast you’ll be a douche I respect for owning it.

Please comment, share, and let me know what you think! If I missed anything, be sure to let me know what makes your top three list! 

72 thoughts on “Top Three Online Lifestyles That Aren’t Actual Life

  1. Heheh – I am the person in line at the coffee shop who orders a cup of black coffee. The baristas are usually at a loss for just a tick. I do take waaaay too many pic though. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. The only one close for me is coffee lol. The only reason the smart phone photographer hasn’t happened…we haven’t gritted our teeth and made the transition yet. We still have “dumb phones”….no data plans….wow are we out of date right?!

  3. LOL. I haven’t done this, however my friend was the Iphone person and then turned that into a real photography business. She’s shot Fashion Week too. It worked out for her.

    1. That’s really cool! One of the benefits of using social media! I’ve used this as a platform to write for a few magazines.

    1. I was going to say “You realize of course that the lens is shooting through the hole in wires”, but that would be being a douche.

  4. Can I just be 1/3 douche?

    The only camera I have worth a flip is my iPhone.

    Well and my iPad, but if I admitted to using that I would be up to 2/3 douche which would pretty much round up to douche.

  5. People just share whatever the hell they want to share, from food to taking a dump or whatever. Doesn’t mean it has to necessarily define them.

  6. I have grown to love coffee, however, I’m no way near being a connoisseur. But, pictures? I’m a sucker for a great moment presenting itself and have to capture it. Lol

  7. There are alot of pro chef people
    Boring baby people-( I have kids but I am also a person with other intereats by the way)
    Loads of people are just a big pouting head
    Always having an amazing time at a party people
    Some legs on a beach

  8. You’re not an iPhone photographer, you’re an iphoneographer, and you partake in #iphoneography. (Ashamed to say used both…)

    And another thing, craft brewer?, craft beer? Sorry that’s two things, I know where the door is.

      1. Oh my goodness. Part of me appreciates the business person who capitalized on the trend. Part of me is rolling my eyes.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
    I’m trying to do the last one. ooops

    i have nothing against a man-bun >.> but only if the whole hair is turned into that or not. some guys here have the under parts of the hair cut short, or shaved… o.o

    and i drink coffee, it became my blood not my personality. >.>

  10. Well, I don’t drink coffee, and I don’t have enough hair for a man bun, but I totally own my iPhone photographer douchery! Great post!

  11. Pardon me,for interjecting, duchess are another subject entirely,and they are found on that specific aisle…..who knew they branched out beyond the aisle of a drug store…so much for being a douche. ..and I am merely wisecracking here…. (Joke)…call ME a douche, I dare you …ha

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