Summer Vibes

Let’s add some mother-trucking context.

My roommate is a producer who is slowly but surely growing his brand and to be frank his music doesn’t suck. Can I ask you a favor? 

Click on this link Borlini and listen to his new track.

It’s summery, it’s hazy, it’ll get stuck in your head.

Please comment, share and let us know what you think; even you sitting on the other side of this monitor.

I owe you one.



28 thoughts on “Summer Vibes

  1. I love his sound. Tony you are such a nice roommate! I should get one like you to help me promote my novels. Ha ha. Seriously though, it has a nice beat and he can certainly sing!!! I wish him the best of luck 🎶

  2. You know… I don’t like Yo Gotti, cannot stand the music. But, this… This, I’d play. He did a great job! It’s actually listenable now!

      1. Hi 80R. We need a teleporter. I can get my cat to whip one together Rick amd Morty style this weekend. Just read 9 ways to hate your face less. I LOVE IT. You write like I think. I am going to share your gold and write a blog and mention your face a lot. Love your humour and snowflake imagonation. Wanna join forces? Samuel ☆Melboure Australia☆

      2. I’m always down to collab with writing – if you want to work with music I’ll introduce you to my roomie – he made that song.

  3. It’s very summer slick sounding…may need for refinement however it reminded me of a cross between Ice Cube and Will Smith…doubt they ever did a collab, this is close to it.

      1. It would probably be epic – east meets west shoot ’em up style – gosh, I really should be doing this stuff and get paid. Suggest this to your roomie – spaghetti western style rap with a funk twist.

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