Dear Unsolicited Advice Gym Guy

In all of the fiery pits in Hell, the deepest pit gives off the stench of axe cologne and is bubbling over with hair-gel- sharin’, T-shirt tearin’, sister’s cousin marryin’ men that specialize in giving gym advice the exact moment you’re not seeking it.

Every. Single. Damn. Time.  My friends, this letter is for them; you’re welcome.

Dear Unsolicited Advice Gym Guy,
This letter is for you – most people knew that from the title; but I wanted to be clear since you had a hard time picking up on the screamingly subtle, “Leave me alone, I’m wearing headphones” vibe.

I’ll blame it on your big, dumb heart or your crusade to correct all-things-bad-form but dear unsolicited advice gym guy, you’ve made my shit list.

It’s not that you’re a bad guy, but it’s more of the fact that you’re a guy with bad timing.

So you know how I’ve never approached you for advice during the entire four year span we’ve known each other?

Well I was thinking, I’ve could have gone a lifetime without your advice.

I wanted to go a lifetime without your advice.

Believe me, I wasn’t dying to hear the secrets of the leg extension machine and how adjusting the seat position will “Blow my muscles right off the fucking bone.”

Nor did I care to learn about your crusade to fix all-things-bad-form.

I plead with you, it’s 6AM.

It’s 6 fucking AM.

Spare me. Please.

But I digress.

Here’s the truth:

I never asked you for your advice.

Nobody has ever asked you for your advice.

So why are handing it out like smuggled cookies at a fat camp?

As I sit here putting my head into the wall disturbing the sleep of my innocent neighbors; I’m pondering why today of all days you’ve decided to share your worldly insights about the proper way to push a barbell with me; and then I had a revelation.

I’ve decided that I’m going to give you advice that will change your-fucking-life.

Are your nipples hard yet?


Here it is:

When someone wants advice on proper form, they’ll ask you for it.

Now take the advice to the bank and cash it in! You Monopoly Man you.

I know you want to save the world one deep squat at a time, but

*Save the saving for the superheroes, chief!*

Your heart is in a good place but your timing is all over the place.


The head-phone wearing public.

Clearly this is a satire and not to be taken seriously. Be sure to comment, share and tell me what you think. Tell me about your best unsolicited gym advice encounter.

80 thoughts on “Dear Unsolicited Advice Gym Guy

  1. Usually the wearing of headphones is a deterrent for unsolicited advice givers… this is why I kind of avoid the gym and exercise out of doors. If I’d want to be given advice on my “gym performance” I’d take a class.

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  2. Yah, but iff u really vant to bahlk ahhp, und not be a girly man…. just kidding, your post was hilarious and spot on. Reminded me of both Buff Dudes -gym gentlemen, from Youtube, and of our beloved Hans und Franz from SNL. The amazing thing is the person who’s being helpful doesn’t realize he’s being obnoxious. Headphones, man, I can’t hear you with the death metal blasting in my ears! ~DM (who never actually goes to the gym)

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  3. I feel we could take this post and use it in the context of those people that have to talk to you while you are reading a book. Because deep down you are only reading because you want to talk /facepalm

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  4. When I darken the door of a gym, no one seems to bother me, BUT, let me pick up a golf clubbed every guy within 700 feet feel compelled to tell me how to swing, hold a club, place my feet, and twist my body. No, we aren’t talking about sex positions here.

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  5. It’s particularly amazing to get advice from guys that don’t even train…
    (Me: Thanks…I want to look just like you.)


  6. Oh my gosh, we go to the same gym? My guy has a name. Paul. My husband will say, “Let’s go to the gym” and I have to simply say, “Paul”. I have memorized his schedule and avoid him at all costs. Too funny! Great post.

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      1. Worse. He just wants to talk. I’m doing cardio and he wants to have a conversation. Headphones are no match for Paul. I’m not even sure he works out. Just cruises for conversation.

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  7. Ah, every gym has at least one! Back in October, my Unsolicited Advice Gym Guy (UAGG) took a break from gym advice and started telling everyone how great Donald Trump was.
    I wish I was joking.

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  8. Will I haven’t ever being too the gym, so no way to have the unsolicited gym advisors. I however know about people. A lot of them, that don’t understand that when you got your ears plugged, you really don’t wanna be disturbed.

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  9. THIS. Like, Dude, I am wearing headphones and playing the music so loud they are bouncing when then bass comes on, what part of ‘I’m not interested’ don’t you get? 😡

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  10. haha because they aren’t giving the advice to help you man, they give it to make themselves feel like they helped the little guy, the sad truth is those types of dudes crave for the ego boost. thus i avoid the gym and live in the cheat day

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  11. Yikes, that sure was an unenjoyable rant. Next time, do not take your headphones off and just motion to the person that you are FOCUSED and don’t need adivice — FRANTICALLY point to your watch to indicate you are on a tight schedule! Works every time! Looks like you have some Jokes, heading to that category. 🙂

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  12. This is awesome! I know that guy, and he gets on my nerves, too. I just put on my mean as hell face and try not to change it; most people don’t try to talk to me, but there’s always that one.

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      1. There was a Buddhist monk he observed and questioned. All the whys. They sent him into the mountains. He did his dharmas to the rocks and they began to move. Because people may have been sitting on them. In Tibetan, context is different than English but I’m sure it was sitting. Direct translation is, hard. It always reminds me of satire. That. People find you if you’re funny or observant. They will follow you into the mountains.

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  13. No one has ever given me unsolicited advice at the gym! Am I giving off powerful “don’t mess with me” vibes? Am I using the Force? Not sure. I once had a lady ask for my help adjusting the seat on a leg-lift machine, but that’s about it. At Planet Fitness, we’re all in the “no judgment zone,” you know, but that’s a giant load of garbage, because I judge people there constantly (silently).

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  14. I’d try something along the lines of, “I’m fucking this dog. If you want to help, you can hold the tail.” That usually gets the point across with the added benefit of giving them a visual of you having sex with a canine while they watch on creepily. Glad I found your blog, man.

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  15. I was interrupted while doing a single arm cable crossover mid set. I pulled off my earphones once I was approached and signalled to. “What are you working? Biceps?” “no I responded.. I’m working front delts” I said “give me you hand,” he took my hand and turned my palms over. “you should be doing it with you palms facing down” I was left embarrassed and insecure about what I was doing.. ruined my set so I moved on to another exercise. I went and did my homework came in the next day and photo and video evidence from professionals that that were performing the exercise the exact same way I was. I think by doing this I emasculated him because that day he left the gym without saying good bye (usually always greets and says goodbye) and now avoids eye contact. I also taught him what the word “Mansplaining” was. He left the convo learning several things 1 Where front delts were, 2 how to perform an exercise he came to correct me on and 3 what mansplaining means.

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