What is the Single Best Piece of Advice

The single best piece of advice?!


Yep it’s a loaded question straight from the buffet that serves out extra bacon … whatever the Hell that means.

Scroll down to hear the uncut, good stuff.

You’ll learn our single best pieces of advice. 33.30 minutes in.


Stories on One man stealing 400lbs of beef jerky. (Hint it would have been easier to steal a cow) 26.30 minutes in (very funny)
****PS don’t steal anything!

We think pet social media is stupid: here’s why. 17:40

Big Foot is a joke (22.45)

and many more!

Popular quotes from this episode:

“I’m gonna start going to the other Mcdonalds where they don’t bother me!”

“Lord of The Rings is way more big-footy than Star Wars will ever be.”

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