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Hey, I recently released a book (that I would love for you to read) and I want to share a chapter that I think applies to writing and trying to get your story out.

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Below you’ll find the chapter:

Being Positive

In my opinion, all great salespeople are positive. *Cue the negative person’s eye roll.*

They’re happy people, they think the odds are in their favor and they think something great is about to happen with enough hard work.

Now I’m not saying you need to let the sun shine out of your ass for you to be successful, but try to force yourself to be positive. You might even like it.
This simple attitude switch can make a huge difference in your confidence level and on your work ethic, too.

Call me crazy, but when you’re positive, you probably won’t mind the rejections you’ll face as much, nor will you quickly tire from the amount of work you’ll have to do as your effort usually indicates your success.

Train yourself to think: my next deal exists; it’s just waiting for me to find it.

The truth is, there will be days when you’re feeling sorry for yourself, there will be days when you feel burned out, and there will be days that you question what you do. But you can rely on your positive attitude to push through the sludge of sales.

Any asshole can view the day negatively, but what’s the point? Do you really want to think that your day is going to be terrible? How could that possibly benefit you? It can’t. My best sales months have always been when I’m feeling positive and upbeat. Dare yourself to handle your day optimistically. Who knows, you may even like it.

Since the beginning of my sales career to present day, I’m consistently fighting the temptation to be negative; it’s hard, I have a highly sarcastic mind and cynicism on speed dial. Fortunately for you, I picked up a few tricks along the way to help with your positive attitude. Whenever my mind starts to go south, instead of thinking, “I have to sell today,” shift your perspective to “I get to sell today.” This Jedi mind trick allows you to view your job as an opportunity instead of a requirement. In that spirit, I will also tell myself to embrace today and embrace what I’m doing. Working as a salesperson was my choice, why would I complain about that? If I choose to embrace my job, I’ve found that that has given me energy and empowerment. Finally, If I suffer through a string of rejections, I’ll mentally hit a “reset” button and start my day fresh and leave negativity in the rearview. Pick what works best for you but remember this: positivity is a good thing for the salesperson—wear it as your armor.

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