Black Friday Sale – Giving My Book Away For Free

In the spirit of Black Friday, (that sounds weird) I wanted to run my own fun little sale.

Oh Joy

That said, I’m making my book available for free on Kindle today and tomorrow – 11/30.

This is a sales advice book without the corporate kool- aid. If you have ever stubbed your toe and swore, this probably is a good choice for you. Yes even you.

In all seriousness, it’s important to me to get reviews on my book, so I wanted to make it available to everyone for a short period of time. The price is going back up as soon as this sale is over.

If you’re curious about sales, or know someone who is into sales, feel free to give this a read.

Starting a new sales job is like setting down the first piece of a puzzle. There’s the initial excitement of getting started but then the heavy reality of “What the fuck do I do now?” weighs on your head.

This is where I come in, buckle up cowboy.

F*ck Sales Let’s Talk is a refreshingly told, sales advice book. It was written for the people that value common sense, have a sense of humor and roll their eyes at the typical rah, rah, run-through-the-wall routine.

This book covers the information I wish I had when I was starting my sales career and what I’ve learned from years of trial and error, scraped knees, and bruised ego. My goal is to simply make you, Mr. or Mrs. Reader a better salesperson; nothing more, nothing less.

Inside you’ll find:

The Qualities of Great Salespeople…. hint, it isn’t their pearly white teeth!

How to Make a Plan

How to Prospect … aka how to become a sales detective and find the clues that lead to your sale.

How to Set Appointments

How to Run Appointments

How to Follow Up

Call Scripts, Email Scripts

How to Close a Deal

General Tips & Tricks

Please know this book was written under two guiding principles: to be informative and to be entertaining. I want it to be informative so you know you can actually benefit and entertaining, so you’ll read the damn thing.

What lies ahead is advice you can refer to as you start your sales journey or a gentle reminder if you are already in the field.

Please know, you are responsible for your own actions and I take no responsibility for your results.

Sales is a professional business so you must remember to be professional; however, a sales advice book is meant to give you advice. I wrote the advice as if I were writing to a best friend.

Please don’t confuse my willingness to curse as being unprofessional; I’m merely communicating in a way that I hope will cement my points and make you laugh.

That said, I’ll get off my soap box and on with the show.

Thankfully, sales isn’t rocket science; otherwise, we would both be without a job.

Read along and take away what helps.

9 thoughts on “Black Friday Sale – Giving My Book Away For Free

    1. Wonderful! I’m so happy you did enjoy it! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it – if you’d like for me to read and review anything for you, please let me know

      1. I just read your review, it’s really kind and well written, thank you so much! I hope I can get on your level one day with all the cool projects your work on

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