The Secret Of Success

It’s so simple.

Really, the secret of success is so simple it’s almost a joke… except well, instead of laughing, you’ll be like ughh damnit… kind of like a *cruel*joke.

Do you know the feeling of knowing better and not acting? Ok great, you’re just like me. Imagine having that feeling then one day, poetic justice strikes and you’re finally forced to acknowledge what you ignored.

Yeah.. that’s what realizing the “Secret” to success was like for me.

Nothing like a good, palm-on-head, grind-the-teeth moment to help suppress thoughts and keep dentists in business.


I remember growing up and wondering what makes people so successful?

I would watch movies, read magazines and see these successful people on their fancy yachts living *seeming* perfect lives and I thought damn… what are they doing that I’m not?

I wanted to be a successful person, I wanted to make a difference in my life, so I dove in the rabbit hole and tugged the loose thread that tore the fabric of truth. Side note, I did not see wonderland.

And when I found the truth.. it was basic and kind of a letdown…

Kind of Like a piñata filled with carrot sticks instead of candy…. Imagine the disappointment.

But like all good truths, the message never needed to be hyped up, it just needs to be understood.

That said, the secret to success is this: Consistency.

Being consistent in taking action towards your goals is the absolute secret of secret of success… let that sink in.

Sure… setting goals, being positive, working hard… they’re great, they do help and Hell, that’s the type of post that radical housewives will like (Maybe even share?!) … but taking consistent action is what moves the needle.

This is true in nature and in real life.

You don’t get in shape without being consistent in your workouts and your diet. You can’t build a house after only working for one day. You can’t write a book if you don’t consistently work on it. A garden doesn’t grow unless you consistently water and tend to it.

So then why in the Can-I-speak-to-your-manager-lady-at-Walmart-fuck would anyone expect to have success without consistently working towards it?

It simply doesn’t make sense to expect the world and not work towards it.

Rather, it’s making sense of the truth of consistency is what’s actually important.

I think success is simple, if you have a goal and work consistently towards it, you’ll get results one way or the other.

That’s just how the law works… so let it work… by doing the work.

And remember, be patient … it’s on you to water your garden; with consistent work you can reap a consistent harvest.

Happy Quarantine, what do you need to be more consistent with?

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18 thoughts on “The Secret Of Success

  1. Hey there Tony! I love your style. To the point and you are unstoppable. Keep writing brother…you are great at it. Thanks also for your valuable visit. Keep the words flowing, visit often, and reading also helps to keep that wonderful muse going. Best wishes always. Be safe.

  2. Tony:

    Consistency is undeniably the key to achieving anything worthwhile. If you don’t practice regularly, it’s impossible to get better at anything.

    On the other hand, many of those “successes” you saw on TV were consistent in only one thing: spending daddy’s, or grandpa’s or great-great-grandpa’s, mountains of cash. Look no further than problem-solving Jared and his highly successful father-in-law, sarcastic Inject-Lysol-man. All other things being equal, the guy whose dad gives him tens of millions has a slight advantage in becoming a “success”. For one thing, if they are serious about something, they can hire a team of capable helpers, which tends to make success easier to achieve.

    You can be consistent in your practices and still “fail” unless you consider consistency itself to be success. Persistence is worth a lot, just on its own.

    You’re a talented guy. Keep up the good work, my friend.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words!
      And you’re right, if you were lucky enough to be born into the lucky club then your room for mistake is huge.

      I think just being consistent way to success and doing what you want to do is how to measure success.

  3. Sometimes even though we are consistent in what we do, we fail to act on a message from a heavy hitter. “If you want to make money in this business, you need to get rid of that”. The contractor of an established home building and renovation company pointed to my 40lb, hand carried metal tool box. My passion to this day has been, having those vital tools at my finger tips, bread and butter tools I call them. Well, as you may have guessed, I never got rid of the tool box, but I never went hungry, always had a wonderful place to live.

    The pay off; age 81, none of the typical assumed old age afflictions, the healthiest one in a household of three adults, wife 67 and daughter 37, making the three.

    Sharing this comment here, opens my eyes to the success I’ve had, and the reward has been great health to this day. And to think I suppose to be on home lockdown. I did plead for a vehicle pass to ride my motorcycle on M-W-F days to meet a few needs. Any way, this is not the new norm. When and if we ever get back to what was, great and consistent.

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