The smirking face of the future

You’ll never believe this.”

You turn your head, preparing yourself for the apparently impossible.

And that’s when you notice it.

The smirk.

Matt has a smirk. The one that lets you know he’s a little better than you.

His eyebrows are raised in an I-told-you-so way.

He steps away.

Close your eyes; I’ll play it again.

Suddenly a guitar solo wails through the air.

It’s good. Damn good. Far too good for the little prick who can’t even match his socks.

The music stops.

Who’s playing that?

A burst of laughter cuts the question down to the q.

Another solo rips through the air.

How are you doing that?

You’ve been to his place 1000000 times. There isn’t Eddie Vedder hiding. There isn’t an amp. Hell, there isn’t a guitar. Strange times indeed.

C’mon, tell me.

Matt reappears and walks over, ready to let you in on the secret.

Coolly, he reaches down and pulls out a phone. The light catches the metal.

What the fuck are you doing. That’s a… a phone!?

He shrugs, still wearing that smirk.

No…It’s more.

It’s my stairway to heaven.

My whole lotta’ love.

My Sweet Child O’Mine

You can’t believe it. All your phone is good for was wasting time. What gives?

He turns the screen and that’s when you see it.

The app.

The app where you press buttons.

But this time, this fucking time, guitar sounds come out.

You somehow believe it.

Your eyes are practically popping out of your head.

You mean to tell me, instead of building my character by learning an instrument the old  fashion way, I can get the watered-down version instantly?”

Matt flashes his cool smile.

Welcome to 2022.

Please like, comment, share and tell me what you think. I don’t even know the point of this story haha. I saw an ad for one of those apps where you play music by pressing buttons and I thought it was funny and wanted to write about it.

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