Mad Max’s Shoulder Pad Emporium: Your home for style and safety for the post-apocalyptic world

Are you worried about the impending apocalypse?

Do you keep thinking that the end is near?

Maybe you’re fancying a lovely joyride across the winding roads of the desert wasteland?

If that sounds like you, you’re in luck because, in the end, if there’s one thing you want to prevent from going supernova, it’s your style.

And that’s why you should come on down to Mad Max’s Shoulder Pad Emporium.

We carry all the shoulder pads you want, which are also all the ones you don’t need.

Let’s face it; in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, it’s not the barbarian-motorcycle marauders you need to worry about. It’s getting tackled. Hard!

Falling on the cold, hard sand hurts, and we can agree how annoying it is when you tweak a shoulder.

It affects all arm movement!

The only way to prevent this feeling is nice, plastic shoulder pads to add a little bit of wow to your wardrobe.

Picture it now:

You’re sitting in a giant 18-wheeler cruising down the wasteland. It’s decked out. There’s a big honking engine screaming above the hood, skulls smiling on the grill, and enough welded-on metal to make a magnet moan. And what’s that on your shoulder?

A big intimidating hunk of plastic ready to provide absolutely no advantage.


Doesn’t that sound peachy?

Then come on down to Mad Max’s

You can find it all and more here.

We carry cool apocalyptic doo-dads like leather jackets, random pieces of metal, hair grease for mohawks, large, crude, blunted objects, and so much more.

Just be sure to bring a nice cauldron of gasoline to trade with.

Since we chose not to drive wussy solar-powered cars… we’re probably fucked!

See you soon.

–         Max

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