Embrace Your Boldness: How to Find The Magic Behind The Mirror

It’s only all too human to want to look for the magic hidden in the world.


To search for the genie in the lamp that’s buried beneath the piles of sand. To find the sword in the stone and the magic that comes with pulling it out. To discover the wise old guru who has all the answers when all you have are questions.



But what if, instead of looking everywhere else in the world, you dared to look in the mirror? Because the real magic trick, the one that changes everything, starts with looking yourself in the eye.


Every bit of awesome stuff you want in life is just hanging out on the other side of one bold action.


 And the person responsible for taking the bold action is the (hu)man in the mirror.   


Safe and Sound in the Middle Lane


In life, many of us are stuck in the “middle.” It’s like driving in the center lane on the freeway of life, cruising at a reasonable – non-threatening 65 miles per hour. It gets you where you need to go.  But what it’s not getting you is in the fast lane where all the excitement happens.  


Sticking out, making a statement – that’s where the magic happens. It’s like wearing a neon shirt at a black-tie event; you’re gonna get noticed. You might not want to wear neon all the time, but if you stay in the middle, you’ll end up like Waldo—always in the crowd, yet no one can find you. So if life feels like a lukewarm bath when you’d rather be surfing some waves, it’s time to put on your turn signal and be bold enough to merge onto the fast lane.   


Boldly Going Where No You Has Gone Before  


So what’s this “bold” business about? It’s not about slapping a shark in the face or arm wrestling a grizzly bear and its trainer. That’s stupid with a capital “S”. Being bold means having the guts to put your real self out there. It’s about wearing your heart on your sleeve and accepting that sometimes, people might toss it in the trash. It’s having faith that even if they do, you’ll figure out how to stitch it back together. That’s the right type of boldness—the boldness to risk judgment in a world all too ready to share their opinion.  


The Good News  


Hey, guess what? I have good news.  The person you admire for their boldness is just like you. They don’t have some magical potion or a secret manual to life. They also put their pants on one leg at a time, get spinach stuck in their teeth, and accidentally send a private text to a group chat. They’re human, just like you. So if they can step up and be bold, you can too.  Remember, we’re all just cosmic dust floating around in the middle of nowhere somewhere. No one is special and you’ve got something they don’t—your unique, badass self.  


Walk the Walk  


So how do you be bold? Good question. Well, it’s pretty simple – you just do the damn thing. If you’re a writer, hit publish on that blog post. If you’re in sales, make that call, the one that’s got your palms sweating. If you’re an artist, share your art, even if it’s just with your grandma. And if you’re a mom, just be you – loud, quiet, messy, organized, all of it. Boldness happens one step at a time. Think of it like a “Boldness Marathon”—you don’t have to sprint, you just have to keep moving.  


Ready to Boldly Go into Your Future? Let me know. I’m starting a newsletter to give out more content like this. If this is something that interests you, please comment below. And as always, please share with someone who might like thi

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15 thoughts on “Embrace Your Boldness: How to Find The Magic Behind The Mirror

  1. One thing about boldness that surprised me is that it’s really just an inside job. There’s no applause, fanfare or accolades. Friends and family don’t get it or understand a divergence from the mundane. Even so, I would never go back to “security” and the known. And so the adventure continues. Thank God my husband is on it with me. ❣️

    Thanks for writing ☺️

  2. Boldness in my world = scaring myself stupid by doing something that I don’t understand—like adding a plug-in, for example. Otherwise, I’m all for zipping into the fast lane, even when it makes me LOOK stupid! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  3. Julia here probably said it better than I could, but yes, please, sign me up. I need all the encouragement and inspiration I can get when it comes to my writing and my blog.

  4. Recently had my 3rd child and decided to be bold and chop all of my hair off. I absolutely hate the way it looks now but used it as a lesson that sometimes being bold is a celebration in itself, the outcome may not always be what I want, but I’m proud I had the guts to do it. My hair will grow back. ❤️

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