Top Five Overused Phrases on Social Media Part 3.

It feels as if I’m tied onto a merri-go-round spinning out of a control with a henchman in a lab coat laughing menacingly at the control box as he presses on the lever sending me round and round ever so quickly.

As I’m spinning with the world passing me by, I’m forced to read these meaningless phrases over and over again until I fall off my horse and throw up my week old, cotton candy some manager insisted on selling to me for eight overpriced dollars.

As I shake off the fall and dust myself off, I find myself brainwashed by these meaningless phrases. So, without further imagery, I’d like to welcome you to the top five overused phrases on social media part 3.


I’m in a big fucking mood to move right the fuck past this overused phrase. Big mood, seriously a huge willy mammoth mood. A mood so big, that it can give your emotional teenager a run for their money… if they had a job. (Which they might 😉) I got your back working class.


Hey fam, what up fam? How you doin’ fam? You good fam? Look fam, we need a new word to describe friend. Because you know, fam is the modern band-aid of friendly introductions. Nah what I mean fam?


Cowabunga dude, major vibe right here. I’m totally vibin the fuck out to this post.


It’s lit? What in the wide world of fuck is lit? Oh, the shit’s lit! Take cover, and run for life! It’s lit fam! Where’s the baby! Where’d you put my baby?! Something is lit! Get the fuck out of my way and call the fire department! I need a fire extinguisher, worse than a toilet needs paper! IT’S FUCKING LIT.


I don’t know how it happened, I don’t know why it happened but somehow, someway, the cat owners of America have conspired together to minimize the mailman chasin’, tail shakin’, beer drinking dogs of America. Every time someone types “doggo” a dog looses its seat at the poker table and picks up a seat at a salon. I rest my case like how a DOG rests it’s head after spending an all-nighter at your local bar.

Just so you know this article is intended to be for satire and I’ve personally used all of these phrases. Please like, comment and share and tell me what you think. Be sure to tell me what phrase(s) I’m missing.

28 thoughts on “Top Five Overused Phrases on Social Media Part 3.

  1. I like the humor in the post. I’ve heard of things being lit, but not the other four. My choices for temporary elimination from conversation or social media would be awesome, amazing, epic and like (when it used as a modern-day ‘um’, or ‘er’. I sometimes think that people under 30 can not string together a sentence without using like as a conjunction, like you know what I mean?

  2. The phrase “love you to the moon and back” throws me into a murderous rage. To the point where I want to vomit having just typed it myself. I literally unfollow any person who says it and assume they also have Live Laugh Love stencilled above their stupid bed.

  3. Oh how I hate “lit”! All the teens that come over here say it and I still don’t get it! Also, why do teens say rip when it’s something they can’t have???

  4. Similar to “doggo” is the term “kiddos”–a new word for kids that is generation-linked. My 60+ friend informed me that her children are “the kids” and her grandchildren are “the kiddos.” Really?

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