You Think You Have A Hard Job? Guess What? I Teach Third Grade.

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So I recently launched my own publication on Medium!

It’s called the Anti-Community Group Page.

Do you know the Facebook Group pages about small towns?

This pokes fun and is intended to satirize that.

Anyways, you can check out the article below.

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I was behind a landscaping crew at the Shell on 86’ when I overheard two men in need of a good shower complaining about having a challenging job.

Thank goodness I had my trusty Teacher’s apple to conceal my judgment because guess what? I’m a third-grade teacher, and I have the most demanding job in the world.

Third Grade is hard. It’s the first year they take away nap time for the students and the teachers.

This adds an extra hour in our day from five hours to six. Between the additional time teaching and the solitaire update that nearly crashed my computer, I’m constantly STRESSED out.

I teach reading, writing, science, math, and horoscopes. I used to teach social studies, but I canceled it because it’s too much work.

Betwixt sculpting the minds of America’s youth, constantly reminding my loyal Facebook followers that I’m a teacher, and drinking a bottle of wine, I hardly have time to watch TV!

If you think your job under the hot, suffocating sun is hard, try teaching multiplication. The only thing that’ll multiply is the frustration!

And the janitor!

The third-grade teachers have to deal with the constant small-minded mutterings of the fumbling janitor. I reassure you, this was NOT written in our contracts.

No Earl, I don’t want help changing my oil. I’ll just go to a Giant Eagle and buy extra virgin olive oil for my car myself. Thank You!

If I hear another construction worker, landscaper, or roofer saying they have a hard job, I’m going to remind them of the damning rigors of third-grade and give them an F for being so selfish.

I earned this summer vacation. Don’t fuck with me.

– Miss Laurence.

10 thoughts on “You Think You Have A Hard Job? Guess What? I Teach Third Grade.

  1. Whoa! Launching your own publication on Medium is on another level. I myself am struggling just keeping up with writing on Medium. Anyway, wishing you all the best!

    1. Thanks so much Stuart! Yeah it’s going to be a challenge, but I hope to get to the point where other people like the idea and I can grow the community!

      I see a huge opportunity to satire that group page angle so I’ll see where it takes me!

      Thanks so much for commenting and wishing me luck! Good luck to you too.

  2. I enjoyed you little piece, but that has reminded me of a child in third grade that I was teaching reading and writing today at my local school ( I am a volunteer there three days a week).
    I was requested to take this child aside and teach him one on one and it proved interesting. We sat down at a table and the back of the classroom and firstly went through a couple of worksheets on writing and spelling simple words. I then asked him to read a few of the sample sentences and his retort was “I cannot read”. That I did not believe because from my experience such claims are usually exaggerated.
    He started slowly and while not exactly fluent, he managed the more simple words easily. We then started to sound out the individual letters and things then started to flow. After about 10 minutes of this he go the idea and continued with a measure of confidence. In total, I was with him for about 30 minutes, and we achieved quite a bit. What this indicates to me is that a single teacher in a classroom of 15 to 20 kids does not have the necessary time to give to a single student. It makes one wonder how much their parents are assisting in the learning process. Sorry, this piece is somewhat serious.
    Keep your observations coming, all with a light note.
    Regards, Phil at

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