Ohio State Vs. Georgia A Night You’ll Never Forget

It was a rollercoaster.

Packed into a small Ohio apartment, the seven of us crowded around the big screen, getting ready to witness two modern-day miracles:

The Ohio State — Georgia Playoff Game and The New Year’s Eve Ball Drop. Both going on at the same-damn-time.

You see, in Ohio, many people confuse Ohio State with a proper modern-day religion.

And arguably, it’s pretty damn easy too.

Ohio State football has millions of devoted followers, fans dress up in crazy outfits, and service is held every weekend. Just short of actually being i̶m̶p̶o̶r̶t̶a̶n̶t̶ Holy, it’s religion as religion gets.

And New Year’s Eve, with the collective hangover shared by 330 Million Americans, needs no explaining. You felt that.

The apartment was dotted with all the hallmarks of a good New Year’s Eve party.

Beer cans and shot glasses lined the table, creating a minefield of alcohol. If you weren’t careful, one false step could make you intoxicated.

And like all good parties, the pizza was plentiful. Some pies were so movie-cheesy; the way it pulled apart made a spider web of goodness, just like the commercials. 

We were decorated to the drug store nines. Every head was fitted with the cheap, frizzy, funny hats, our hands held poppers waiting to explode, and we all wore the stupid 2023 glasses- ready to usher in a New Year with (without) style.

This was a late game

Like, still playing at 11:30 PM late.

Like, still playing at 11:45 PM late.

Like, oh no, we might miss the countdown late.

While I would have preferred to keep the game on, the decision was made to dot back and forth between the live New Year’s Eve broadcast and the Ohio State game.

Apparently, some people at our party were eager to hear celebrities wish us a joyful New Year with all the heartfelt sincerity that reading from a teleprompter can bring.

Around 11:59 PM, the stakes couldn’t have been higher for the Buckeyes.

After blowing the lead and giving the state of Ohio a heart attack, we were trailing 42–41, with a minute left in the 4th. QB CJ Stroud led the Buckeyes down to the field and got us into field goal range.

All the while, the nation was fully behind New Years. At 11:59 PM in every part of America, even the dead can hear counting. We’re all in this together, one literal second at a time.

We flashback to the Ohio State game, and it’s a moment bigger than Hollywood.

The Scarlett and Gray lined up for a field goal, with seconds left on the clock to win the game. This was the biggest kick in all of the world at this moment. Maybe even the galaxy. 

If our kicker hits this kick at fucking midnight on New Year’s Eve, the Buckeyes were going to the national championship, and the State of Ohio would explode like popcorn.

The room was tense

Chairs were abandoned as everyone stood, trying to see over the wall of anxiety that slowly crept into the room. Our asses were puckered, and even though we were thousands of miles away, nobody dared make a peep. We were giving our kicker the silence he surely needed.

We flashback to the countdown. Less than 10 seconds remain before the big ball drops, and people flock to gyms like rats to cheese. And we’re finger hair close to missing two big events thanks to the awesome power of indecision.

“Hey, put the game back on!”

We flashback to the game.

The biggest moment of the year begins to unfold. The kicker moves forward as we stop breathing, and BAM!

Wide left.

Mouths hit the floor.

Hearts stop beating.

And the anticipation of a happy ending is followed by the bitter surprise of disappointment.

We flashback to the countdown.

How can there be a countdown at a time like this?


Happy New Year!

In shock, I kiss my girlfriend.

Optimism returns.

No one talks about it.

I write an article.

Please like, share, comment and tell me what you think. Did you watch this game?

26 thoughts on “Ohio State Vs. Georgia A Night You’ll Never Forget

  1. My comment won’t load. Or I lost the original. My husband made us watch the end of the football game and then flick over for like 9 seconds of countdown.

      1. 1. It was only wild because I missed all of the NYE everything for that game.
        2. Equally wild, we are from PA and do not root for Ohio just be location.
        3. I can’t believe I didn’t throw a mom-trum and make him change the channel sooner.
        4. But yes, he thought it was wild and worth it. 🙂

  2. I loved your post. So much tension and drama … here you could just open the windows to hear The Bells .. id have kept the game on 😁

  3. Well written, high drama! I am a Big Ten fan from the days when there were actually 10 teams, but don’t pay too much attention any more. Also, it was only 10:00 pm here, so my friends who were watching didn’t have the added conflict of the countdown to consider. Great post.

  4. Fantastic telling. My wife and her family are all Ohioans and we had the same issue at home – flipping back and forth. I missed the kick – I’m sure there’s a parallel there to the game…but like you said, no one talks about it.

  5. It was something, to be sure. My hubs & I met at OSU, and were married on a certain Big Game, which is a story I’ll relate elsewhere. I appreciate the way you shared your narrative! Only … several months until 9/2 and the next kickoff.

  6. Just came across this and I am sorry for your (singular) loss, but of course having lived in Cincinnati for a while, and now living in the heart of SEC country… well. Sorry for your (singular) loss. And hahahaha Alabama.

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