In Defense of Sunday Night

As usual, it started innocently enough…

It’s 11 AM on a Tuesday when you get a text inviting you over for a game night.

You think it’s harmless.

It’s from a friend of a friend in a group chat that you hardly contribute to, but for some reason, you’re included in.

But then, little blue bubbles appear on the screen like someone took a straw and blew in milk bubbles.

I’m down.


Let’s do it!

Hell… someone even throws in a random emoji that neither confirms nor denies interest. Well played.

But you’re a card player, and you like to keep your hand close to the chest. You don’t want to confirm a plan you don’t know the details to. So you offer a nice neutral — When are you thinking? As you push down the anxiety of an unexpected plan.

And that’s the exact moment when the ice starts to crack.

Six little letters appear that change everything.


And then, one moment later.


You exhale and even smile.

It’s a plan that probably doesn’t have legs. It’s Sunday night; that’s prime time. No one is going to want to give that up.

But then your mouth drops as you see those damn blue bubbles return.

Sounds fun!

Yeah, I’m down!


And even worse, your spouse replies without talking to you, as apparently, you’ve become that couple.

Yeah, we’re in!


Your mind starts to wonder, trying to explain the unexplainable.

You think Sunday night? Sunday Night! You want to have a game night Sunday night?!

The last little taste of freedom before you’re thrust right back into the routine is when you want to meet. Really?

That Sunday?

You double-check your phone, eyes not wanting to believe what you saw.

Yep, they want to meet that Sunday.

The blue bubbles appear again.

Ok Great! See you at 7 PM!

Oh, and bring something to share for dinner.

That bitch. It’s Tuesday, and you have a homework assignment due in 5 days, yet you haven’t been to school in years.

C’est la vie.

You exhale, hardly comprehending how your life can change so fast without your consent. But then you chalk it up to a problem that can’t possibly be solved: life.

So you decide maybe you should think positively. You’ve read about it and heard it was good. 

Maybe this will be fun.

Maybe we’ll have a good time.

Maybe after this experience, you’ll want to start making plans on Sunday night and giving Monday morning a nice fat middle finger.

But, as it turns out, your dreams are just that… dreams.

One week passes, and you get through the damn game night.

It was ok… but … if you’re being honest, you would have preferred to stay at home on the couch.

And then, you’re tiddling away at work when incoming — another text.

Game Night Sunday?

Your heart sinks as you consider the stakes.

One event is random.

Two is becoming familiar.

And it’s dangerously closer to three:


So you scramble; you need to poison the soil before the idea can grow roots.

Your mind races looking for an excuse when you start typing…

I have a doctor’s appointment.

Damnint — it won’t stick — who has a doctor’s appointment on Sunday? You fuckin idiot.

Then, you notice those damn three little dots appear as you’re wiping the sweat from your face.

If you don’t get out first, changing the momentum is going to be like swimming upstream, and you’re a lazy, couch-loving bastard.

But when you see the message, you thank the heavens above.

It’s probably not the best day; we have plans.

You sigh in relief; you don’t have to break the chain; you only need to make it stronger. Someone else felt the same way. Your hope is restored in humanity.

To your surprise, the other texts support the motion.

You breathe again and smile lovingly as you look at your couch, knowing you’ll have one more chance to enjoy life’s simplest pleasure.


The soil didn’t take root. 

Please like, comment, and tell me what you think. Do you support Sunday Night plans when you have work on Monday?

21 thoughts on “In Defense of Sunday Night

  1. I have a couple of thoughts about this. I would say the same as Nicola – my husband hates doing anything on a Sunday. But he’s now retired and still says the same.

    I wonder why we think this. Would we turn down something during the week? How much might be conditioning – simply habits we’ve developed over years – think of the saying ‘not on a school night’. We’re conditioned to think we should stay home, be good boys and girls and go to bed early, ready for work on Monday.

    I think back to before I got married, when I was young, free and single … I was out dancing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I maybe now wonder where I found the energy and stamina but Sunday nights were made for dancing 💃

    I may not be out every night any more – in fact I have to admit I’ve said we’re staying home so I can catch up on the laundry 😬😴😴😴 but give me a chance for a social gathering, night out with friends and I’d be there … irrespective of the day of the week.

    I know a lot of this will be down to personal choice, personalities etc, but I do think we are brought up to think Sunday’s should be quiet, restful times to prepare for the week ahead.

    1. You’re so right we’re just conditioned to not do things on “school nights” it’s super deep rooted and hard to know where it all started. But it sounds like you had some fun weekends!

  2. There is something kind of “sacred” about Sunday evenings, even if it isn’t a religious day for most. For me, Sunday evening really is the time for recharge. I spend my weekend working on chores and projects since time during the work week (especially in the winter months) just isn’t feasible. After “working” much of the weekend, Sunday evening is spent getting in the mindspace for the week to come and resting a tired body. Sure, it isn’t like that every weekend but messing with the schedule inevitably comes back to biting you in the arse if you haven’t prepped for the week to come.

  3. “It’s Tuesday, and you have a homework assignment due in 5 days. But you haven’t been to school in years.” I absolutely LOVE that! I’m with you, Sunday night is wind down time and cherish every moment of the fading weekend.

  4. I don’t like Sunday night plans, and I haven’t gone anywhere past my computer on Monday morning since forever. Whatever happened to Saturday. Grumble, grumble.

  5. Haha. Oh, I’m not going anywhere on a Sunday night. Now Sunday afternoon is a whole different ball game, and I’ll need to be back home before 5:30 PM. And that’s rare! Lol.

  6. Goddamn, this was hilarious. I don’t get how some people can give up recharging and preparing for Monday morning.

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