Hit That Like Button

1.) Hit that like button

 Smack it around a little bit. Let it know who’s boss, but don’t leave any bruises. Just a little whack is all you need.

2.) Smash that like button

Pick it up and slam it down. Repeatedly. Become a pro wrestler, climb up the turnbuckle, point to the crowd, and body slam that like button. Smash that button into a little can of tuna, and sell it at Kroger. Beat it to a pulp. Beat it to several pulps. Go to a bar. Find a guy named Barney, and tell him to drink it.

3.) Destroy that like button

Get a couple of flamethrowers, a six-pack of beer, and burn-baby burn. Go to Walmart, buy 1000 magnifying glasses, and harness the power of the sun. Approach the smoldering remains and grind that button into dust beneath the heel of your shoe.

4.) Assassinate that like button

Charter a hot air balloon, soar among the clouds, and stage a tragic “accident.” Munch on popcorn as it plummets to Earth. Safely land the balloon, return to Walmart, grab a spatula, and scrape up that LIKE BUTTON. Then, gather 17 boulders and bury it for good measure.

5.) Revive that like button

Invite over that one friend who’s really into crystals and let her work her magic. Observe from a safe distance, twirling your mustache in anticipation. If you don’t have a mustache, ask your crystal friend to grow you a mustache (when she’s done, of course.)As the like button begins to stir, circle back to steps 1 through 4.

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25 thoughts on “Hit That Like Button

  1. My husband and I spent a vacation doing nightly hauls to send our daughters, at the end of each video we would maniacally yell “if you liked today’s haul, like, comment, and SMASH that subscribe button!”

  2. Not quite sure I understand the logic behind your post but hey, to each their own. Keep writing, especially if it is what brings you pleasure.

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