It’s Always Darkest Just Before Dawn

Recently life threw me a banana peel, and like an idiot, I slipped on it.

One day I was a happy-go-lucky guy who was all too excited to go to work.

Then, squeak,  I stepped on that damn peel and slipped myself right out of a job.

And to be honest, it felt like everything because when you’re unexpectedly laid off, you feel everything.

Happy. Sad. Excited. Scared. Glad. Mad. Everything.

And it’s ok.

Honestly, it’s more weird not to feel emotions when a life-changing event happens because we’re human and not a rock. And I guess, now that I’m back at square one, I have a few thoughts.

#1 – It’s always darkest before dawn.

So have faith that the sun will come up.

#2 If you don’t work for yourself, you’re just a number.

Not to sound like a conspiracy whack job, wearing a tin foil hat with extra long, extra misspelled YouTube comments but… if you work for a corporation or any company you don’t own, you’re just a number. And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been there.

You can literally do everything right and still get let go – and it’s not personal; it’s just business. So, take the blessing for what it is, a wake-up call.

#3 You get a wake-up call

And the call says the only person who’s truly going to have your best interest in mind is you. And that’s a sobering and exciting reality. As daunting as it is to start fresh, it’s also exciting. It’s a new chapter, a new beginning, and a moment to see what you’re made of. And how many chances does one really get to have that moment? Embrace it with two hands, and if you’re feeling crazy, two feet.

#4 You have to think about winning

And that’s what it boils down to. How can you win? How can you get what you want? If you only think that, you can’t lose.

So what’s the message?

Embrace the suck, make a plan, and just keep moving. With enough time, you’ll look back and be proud to see how far you’ve come. And believe me, it’ll be further than you think.

Please, like comment, share and tell me what you think. I’m a copywriter by trade which means I help companies sell more goods online. Just asking my network, if you know of anyone who needs any marketing or sales help, I’d love to put my hat into the ring. Just keep swimming.

89 thoughts on “It’s Always Darkest Just Before Dawn

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, and just discovered where the like button is.
    I am sorry to hear you were laid off. I hope you find something that you enjoy doing soon.
    I have worked at the same place for 25 years, but I know for a fact that is I got hit by a bus tomorrow, business would carry on as usual.

    1. Well that’s good news! Thanks so much! Yeah I know it will work out one way or the other, just need to get adjusted that’s all. As always, I appreciate you reading!

    2. Congrats on a new path. A few years ago took a 6 month leave of absence from my 25 year gov’t job and then quit – I could not go back to a desk! I rented around the US, travelled to Europe twice, then met my now husband while living in Mexico. Before Covid we went to the south of France and stayed for 3.5 years (somewhat illegally…) and we are back in Canada. Starting over again. I find myself in Quebec living upstairs at my 92 year old father-in-laws house. Never saw that one coming!! Haha.

      Embrace the unknown and enjoy the surprises along the way ❣️

  2. You have it all right here, “make a plan, and just keep moving” Plans are insurance for the future, just in case. There are two kinds of change, planned and unplanned. Better the former than the latter; however we’re not always the one making the decision, EXCEPT we have a choice as to how we will respond to the unplanned change. Onward…

      1. Likewise, appreciate your reading or looking at my blog as well. Working on making it better. Questions if you have time to respond: 1: How did you find my blog? 2: Have you read more than a couple or are you a subscriber? 3-What would you find appealing in the future? Thanks!

      2. I find all blogs on the WordPress / Jetpack app- the reader button – I think I am a subscriber – and any personal insight you have is good – I liked your Ted talk

  3. Sorry to hear this, but am very impressed with your positive attitude. We had a friend who was just let go for no reason whatsoever after 31 years of exemplary service. She sunk into a deep depression and still hasn’t found her way out.
    Seeing it as a new door opening is definitely healthier.
    Good luck with the job search. Hope you find something ten times better than what you had.

  4. Love your blog and augh about the job. Copywriter, you say? So you have technical command of the language? (Your posts are always clean.) Interested in proofreading a manuscript while you have time on your hands? I think it’s clean, and I’d pay you by the hour. It’s a thriller about a browbeaten chemist who tries to get revenge on his bully and accidentally poisons the boss. LMK if you’re interested.

  5. And… day you may even awaken to the idea that being laid may be the best thing that ever happened to you, and be overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity that it gave you to find something better. I once agonized for days over having to fire someone—her response was, “Well I want to thank you. I’ve been unhappy in my job for a long time, and didn’t have the courage to leave. Now I can move on to doing something that I love.” That may not be true in your case, but it sure was an eye-opener for me at the time. I’m keeping the faith for you!

  6. Hey there! Came across your post on the WordPress feed and couldn’t resist saying hello. I’m already hooked and eagerly looking forward to more captivating posts. Can’t seem to find the follow button, haha! Guess I’ll have to bookmark your blog instead. But rest assured, I’ll be keeping an eye out for your updates!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

  7. Great Read Can i leave my thoughts ?! –

    Thanks for reading , Love The Blog !!
    Thanks – TheDogGod – Pomeranian Puppies & Adult Dog Guides & Tips

  8. I’ve experienced 2 job lay offs in these past 10 years. I had worked for smaller startups, which is fun, but they always lack in sales. They get contracts and “hope” they will be renewed, and they hope they will get funding. Anyhow… it’s not fun, but at the same time as you mentioned, it means God/Universe has a DIFFERENT path for us. I once read that when God/the Universe wants us to move in a NEW direction he keeps throwing the banana peel at us, when we don’t GET IT, he finally puts an oil spill in front of us, FORCING us to change. LOL — he wants us to move on, move in a new direction. That is the hardest part about a lay off… not just that you have to find a new job, but TAKING TIME TO MEDITATE and realize YOU have the OPPORTUNITY to find a job that YOU LOVE and are PASSIONATE about. You sure find out who your friends are too… WHO tries to help you find a job and who doesn’t. That was an eye opener. Also, as writers, a bit of sadness allows us to tap into those feelings for our writing. LOL – at that time I felt I could write the novel like the scenes from “Something’s Got to Give,” when Diana Keaton is writing a novel and cries in the shower, cries on the beach, cries and cries…. LOL, she gets her best writing work done in her romance story. THEN she gets together with Jack Nicholson. I always LOVE those scenes of hers with Jack Nicholson – Brilliant! So, TONY (do you go by Tony), here’s to the NEXT job that will be even BETTER than this one you had. You are a FANTASTIC writer, there is something SPECIAL you were meant to ACCOMPLISH!! If you start a writing critique group, I’ll join, although my story if an MG, but writing is good therapy. THIS is when an old fashioned type writer, a cigarette (for the photo) and a glass of liquor. You WILL find SOMETHING GREAT!! I KNOW IT! People Angels come in our lives. I found at this time, it was people I didn’t know who would come in my life and offer help when they didn’t even know me. It was AMAZING!! LOL — the job I have now. I was so exhausted from interviewing that I went to the interview in “normal clothes,” I didn’t have time to change. I apologized to the interviewer that I couldn’t find one of those Superman booths, you know, where you do the QUICK outfit change. Anyhow… WHEN IT IS MEANT TO BE, IT IS MEANT TO BE! I got the job!! A MIRACLE! LIFE is about TIMING and being POSITIVE and BELIEVING that we were MEANT for something GREAT! LOL – PROMOTE your book again… it’s time for me to find time to buy it and read it!!

    1. Aww thank you so much, this seriously made my day – and a writing critique group is such a good idea – I’m gonna mule over it. Seriously your words were so encouraging and I’m so thank for that. Have a great day!

      1. LOL – that’s what I thought! Remember when we are laid off, it means in our “own hearts” we knew we could do better. I don’t mean just financially. Although, making more $$ is always good. I mean, if we have “good CREATIVE energy,” we strive for more. Sometimes we are with people who keep us stagnant, we know we need to change, but not sure where we want to go. So, a forced lay off is a GOOD THING (well, once we find OUR place, it’s good), because we can LOOK BACK and say, “THANK YOU for looking out for me Mr Universe, my CREATIVE ENERGY is at an ALL time HIGH and I’ve found the RIGHT people/industry that APPRECIATES ME!” GET FIRED UP — TONY, you wrote that Sales book for a reason… You are on FIRE more than you know! Do good things too. I bet you could market that book to High School students, they REALLY need a humorous sales book to show them the way. Here’s to CONQUERING the world!

  9. Time for a new and great adventure! It’s Spring, lots of LUCK coming your way! Ok, time to promote your SALES book. Side income is good. Send the link, I will buy the book. FYI – I went on Amazon, searched your name, but book did not come up. I wonder if you can improve that search on Amazon.

      1. Ok, LOL, you’ve got ONE purchase. Need to log in and will DO IT. I used to work in sales, so will enjoy learning some NEW tips. Actually, sales is part of our daily life, right.

      2. Hey Tony, I was just on your website. Now, that you have some free time, you need to add a page to your website for your BOOK, then link to Amazon. Just saying…

      3. Ok, book bought, first few pages read. VERY GOOD!

  10. Im always bummed when leaving a job but I always keep in mind these jobs are just that for most people jobs to get paid. There’s always more somewhere.

  11. Nice post and it deeply resonates. The best investment you can ever make is investing in yourself. There’s no limit to whatever you can achieve, no dream is ever too big and no dreamer is ever too small

  12. Found your post on my Reader feed, and I must say, your words are refreshing, uplifting and exude good vibes. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors, and hope that the banana peel was just Alladin’s carpet in disguise, meant to take you wherever your heart is happiest.🌷

  13. Sorry you got laid off/made redundant. It’s not easy, and despite the organisation saying its not personal, it’s still personal to you and its a big change to adjust to. It seems you have lots of opportunities, so I hope something comes your way soon.

      1. Sounds like taking some time to explore what that might be, if you can afford it. Sometimes that’s the problem

      2. I think I got a plan – I want to stay in writing – and honestly lean more into personal development more of my real emotions – sounds crazy I write a lot but still feel weird putting myself out there

      3. I dont think that’s weird at all. It’s a different type of writing, you’re putting yourself out of your comfort zone but just be yourself.

  14. Well geez—I didn’t know that you have a book! I just ordered it for my soon-to-be grandson-in-law who is in sales, and doing pretty well so far. I might even buy it to light the fire under my arse to promote my own book! Who can’t use a little fire?

  15. I have been reminded several times this week that things seem to get worse before they get better. Ready for the better.

    I hate you got laid off; however, I do know how freeing it feels. Life is so much better when you’re not a number. Enjoy exploring your options!

  16. I related to your post as I too got laid off once for no reason back in 2014. You are right it is scary but it can also be seen as a chance to do what ever you want to do and I did learn from this that your job isn’t everything in your life. You can now rake your life in any direction you choose .

    So Good luck on your journey.. By the way when I got laid off I was a copywriter in an agency 🙂

  17. And it’s a great message, too!

    “Embrace the suck, make a plan, and just keep moving. With enough time, you’ll look back and be proud to see how far you’ve come. And believe me, it’ll be further than you think.”

  18. This is a powerful thought Anthony. You just have to keep swimming. It’s imp to embrace suck and look for new amazing possibilities & opportunities waiting for you next door. 🙌

  19. These situations weave in and out of our lives in many forms and they’re always there to build us. It’s enlightening to read another’s take on it 🙂

  20. Found this blog in Discover. Found you are brave enough to write this and are dealing with it. Best wishes for you.

    Oh and I agree with what you said. We are just a number.

  21. “Embrace the suck, make a plan, and just keep moving.”
    Best advice i’ve ever been given. Thanks for the repetition. We’re thick skulled primates who need this, you know. lol. Your failures, or the failures of others that affect you, don’t have to be your future. to quote Rocky Balboa “It’s not how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and Keep Moving Forward”. Thanks again. – Barabbas

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