Embrace It

I was pissed off the other day.

Just genuinely pissed off with the weight of expectations fogging up my mind.

They say misery loves company and I say that I was a whore for feeling bad.

A dirty one too.

You had a bad day? Please, that’s a fucking tropical oasis with coconut straws compared to my lot in life or so I stubbornly thought.

There I was trying my hardest to be the sorriest son of a bitch on the block when all of a sudden I had a moment of clarity.

So what in the Hell happened?

Well hold on to your tattered boots and cheap cigarettes there cowboy, there’s some truth in the paragraphs ahead.

Embrace it.

That’s it. That’s the secret in sauce right there. Two words. Nine Letters. One Meaning: Embrace it.

If you truly want to set yourself free, you must embrace every choice you make in life. In other words stop playing the prisoner and start playing the warden. It’s more fun that way and you get a genuine, shiny badge too.

Choose to embrace your life and embrace the choices you make.

You’re the one who’s making them, so take ownership and if you don’t like something: fix it.

Embrace it so much so that you give the choices you make a big-old, dumb, family-reunion fuck-hug.

Now I don’t know what a fuck-hug is but I think it sounds pretty funny; needless to say I’m embracing it.

Are dreading having to go to work tomorrow?

Embrace it. You’re the one who applied for the job and the job provides for your life.

Do you have a mile-high pile of dishes in the sink that you’re avoiding doing?

Embrace it. You’re going to enjoy a clean sink.

Do you have to give up your free time to work on your goals?

Embrace it. The work is how you will accomplish your goals.

Are you procrastinating going to the gym to earn the body you want?

Embrace it. Sitting around wasting time hasn’t yielded any results yet.

What I’m saying is this: stop giving your power and your happiness away to trivial matters because the truth is, if you embrace the choices you make in life it’s going to dawn on you that you can change your lot in life and give you a sense of power and control.

When you embrace all aspects of your life, to me it makes the work easier and more bearable.

It can even bring a sense of fulfillment to your journey.

Embracing is the single-handedly the best Jedi-mind-trick I can find along with being grateful.

You get one life to live, so embrace it. Embrace who you are. Embrace your family. Embrace your friends. Embrace your goals. Embrace you.

Please like, comment, share and tell me what you think. What do you need to embrace? What’s your piece of advice when it comes to embracing?

60 thoughts on “Embrace It

    1. I’m giving up the day job and embracing my dreams. But, I still have to go to work tomorrow, and I have to say that my workplace is not overly huggable!

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      1. Not many like a routine job. If you are really passionate and got your call then embrace your dream by burning your bridge.it is not for the faint hearted.


  1. Agree with the philosophy, trying to live it is another matter. When every joint and muscle hurts, when you know you are dying from choices others made over your life without your input, then it is hard to care a great deal over dirty dishes or whatnot. Great philosophies are not always reasonable ones to live according to. Now, I must go and pretend that I am well enough to sleep.

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    1. I know what you mean bro. I allow myself to wallow. Then I allow myself to work. I say work in a positive sense, because it affords you a way of providing for- and jr doesn’t have to be financially either. For me writing and art is work.
      Then occasionally, occasionally. I allow myself to win. To win over the bullshit, because let’s face it life is bigger than us, but there is a break in the clouds from time to time. Be prepared for it. All the best.


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  2. Excellent advice. I like that you made it a positive (instead of saying the usual “Suck it up”)…embracing gives much more power to the person while they are in the thick of something hard to deal.

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  3. Knowing my flaws has never been a problem for me, but accepting my strengths? That was the hardest, and yet gave me the most peace. Admitting that I also have talents and good qualities means that I can no longer wallow in self-pity, and it serves as a call to action.

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  4. Being a warden, especially with the reward of collecting a shiny badge, count me in!!!
    Embracing the hardships of life. Such a profound thought presented in the most simplistic fashion! Loved it sir! 😄

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  5. I need to embrace my life. If I wanna move out my parents house, I gotta make the right moves to earn more income. If I wanna be successful, I have to make the right friends. Even if it means, being in isolation, right now while searching.

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    1. Thank you so much! I try to have fun with it. One day I want to write about asinine topics such as my janitor.

      Other times I want to write about something personal.

      Whatever it is, I figure if I can write so I’ll like it, someone else will too.

      Thanks for checking me out!

      – Tony

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  6. Amen and Amen brother. I’m actually on this theme right now. Coincidence? I think not! My friend O was encouraging me the other day, she said “I have to be like a prison guard with myself, I don’t want to feel imprisoned.”
    I never ever thought of being the Warden. That’s so deep.

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  7. A “family-reunion fuck-hug.”

    I don’t knowed what that is neither, but I knowed pure brilliance when I reads it, and I am SO stealing it. And I should embrace my choices, but I like “family-reunion fuck-hug” better.

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